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Competition in the roofing business

DFW area and Houston area have always had very good roofing contractors who made a living off regular local event like 50-60 MPH spring, fall or winter winds. Hail from pea size to quarter size. This

Posted: 10/13/2007 11:36 AM Replies: 5

Bil Track

So it's looking like this beast may clip Cape Cod, and then move on to Canada, for example, Nova Scotia.  I'm willing to bet the Canadians don't often deal with Major Hurricans, and would like ou

Posted: 08/21/2009 3:01 AM Replies: 4

Personal Property claims

Anyone been approached about handling personal property inspections for a flat service fee plus mileage?

Posted: 04/28/2010 7:25 AM Replies: 5

Prof. Liability/ E&O

Has anyone had PL/ E&O written by AMIS? Anyone have other suggestions for carriers who write this type of insurance?

Posted: 06/15/2007 4:21 PM Replies: 4

what is your time worth?

Where I am located, the amount of claims have dropped considerably. I am considering file examination on the side, on a contract basis. But I am unsure what is a fair fee per file to expect. This isn'

Posted: 04/13/2007 6:25 AM Replies: 4

Health Insurance and the Adjuster

For Months now we all have been listening to the debate on health care reform. As adjusters it would seem that this would be a mute topic given our industry. Of course, it's not. We all know how

Posted: 09/26/2009 11:30 PM Replies: 22

Metlife-- current or past experience?

I've been offered a gig with Met and they've been a little sketchy with details of past claim count for the territory.  Its a territory that includes 19,600 policies in force.   Anyone her

Posted: 06/28/2008 2:10 AM Replies: 12

A Legal Question

I would like to pose this question for the attorneys in this group.I understand that a plaintiff’s attorney can request an adjuster’s computer under discovery and I’ve heard various

Posted: 02/20/2012 12:42 AM Replies: 5

What is actually owed for?

I was having a discussion  with a roofing friend of mine and he was asking advice concerning work that he performed on a house in the replacement of the shingles.  The original roof was a wo

Posted: 09/21/2009 3:41 PM Replies: 23

What Is The Definition Of Replacement Cost Coverage?

I have another thread about a 2 layer Tear Off and 2 layers of illegaly installed plywood decking completeley broken through the rafters from wind damage from a very large tree falling on the house an

Posted: 12/06/2007 8:20 AM Replies: 45