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Our Goverment at work

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(AP) Some of the thousands of trailers sitting unused since they were purchased by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2005 for Gulf Coast hurricane victims may finally be put

Posted: 02/12/2008 3:42 PM Replies: 6

wet light fixtures

Almost everyone agrees that non-metallic sheathed cable (romex) that has been submerged in salt water needs to be replaced as the paper wrap around the ground wire wicks corrosive salt water up severa

Posted: 11/06/2010 6:13 PM Replies: 17

P&C stsate licensing and regulations

First, I admit here that I'm not an insurance adjuster. So I'm hoping you are still willing to help me with information. Can anyone confirm if any state law restricts an insurance claims adjuster from

Posted: 04/07/2016 4:57 AM Replies: 1

Depreciation resources

Any suggestions??  I looking for reliable resources/books etc. for determining Property Depreciation Andrew Shakespeare

Posted: 04/07/2010 9:26 AM Replies: 2

What is your least favorite type of property claim to work?

I can't stand working theft claims but i don't get too many of them.  I guess a close 2nd would be lightning claims.  Give me a good hail or wind claim so I can inspect it and close it.

Posted: 07/05/2007 1:47 PM Replies: 11

There must be a need for experienced Adjusters

   There must be a need somewhere for us experienced adjusters. There is not a Bachelors degree alive that prepares a Newbie for what is in store for them when they get face to face w/ an in

Posted: 09/15/2010 10:40 AM Replies: 11

Competition in the roofing business

DFW area and Houston area have always had very good roofing contractors who made a living off regular local event like 50-60 MPH spring, fall or winter winds. Hail from pea size to quarter size. This

Posted: 10/13/2007 11:36 AM Replies: 5

Contents & fraud

Adjusters,   Do you find the contents part of claims as a primary area where fraud is suspected?    If financial forensics and analytics were applied to validate contents claims, would

Posted: 03/16/2015 3:41 AM Replies: 1

Update: Commercial vs Residential

Hey everybody, thanks to each of you for your input.  All the advice and comments were put to good use. One of the most important things you did was eliminated the fear that we, in the

Posted: 07/11/2007 12:56 PM Replies: 1

A Legal Question

I would like to pose this question for the attorneys in this group.I understand that a plaintiff’s attorney can request an adjuster’s computer under discovery and I’ve heard various

Posted: 02/20/2012 12:42 AM Replies: 5