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 If so please force a browser refresh by holding the Crtl key down and hitting the  F5 key.  We installed a update and it looks like it changed some of the layout files. Please report a

Posted: 01/24/2011 4:19 AM Replies: 2

New Linkedin group for Catastrophe Adjusters

I recently started a "catastrophe adjusters" group on Linkedin. For those of you not familiar with this site you can post your profile, join groups associated with the insurance industry, network with

Posted: 09/01/2010 5:59 AM Replies: 0

History of the Fee Schedule

This is my recall. About 40 years ago all claims, liability and property were done on T & E and the carriers questioned the IA on the time charged for to drive 50 miles one way and take a statemen

Posted: 07/18/2008 6:25 PM Replies: 17

What happened to the CAT adjusting?

I have worked as a property adjuster since 1990.  I started with Aetna and worked as a regular territory based staff adjuster (5) years, then independent staff (10) years and in between contract

Posted: 10/18/2009 9:53 AM Replies: 15


 The image below is from Stormpluse and shows the forecast for Matthew 117 hours out.

Posted: 09/23/2010 2:26 PM Replies: 13

Health Insurance and the Adjuster

For Months now we all have been listening to the debate on health care reform. As adjusters it would seem that this would be a mute topic given our industry. Of course, it's not. We all know how

Posted: 09/26/2009 11:30 PM Replies: 22

Senter denies State Farm motion to dismiss whistle-blower case

 GULFPORT -- U.S. District Judge L.T. Senter Jr. has denied State Farm Fire and Casualty Co.’s request to dismiss a whistle-blower lawsuit against the company because details were disclosed befor

Posted: 01/26/2011 2:47 AM Replies: 0

Adjuster Networks?

The company that I work for has been doing claim work just for our clients which is the multi family industry, and have done a hand full of houses off referrals.  Now we are looking to take th

Posted: 10/08/2010 8:25 AM Replies: 1

shooting at rats claim scenario

The insured tried everything to get rid of the rats invading his home. He didn't want to use the poisonous bait, because he was afraid the rats would die inside the walls. He caught some with old fash

Posted: 03/31/2010 5:28 AM Replies: 5

Daily Claims Jobs in Georgia

For the past few years I have done the Cat. deployment to different parts of the U.S. But most recently I have been trying to find companies that are looking for daily claims adjuster not, 

Posted: 04/06/2009 7:23 AM Replies: 4