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Civil Authority Ordered Evacuation

This was a hot topic in 2005 after Hurricane Rita. I made a post in the fall of 2005 on this topic and it died on the vine. This could be the next hot button in 2008 as thousands of people who live in

Posted: 05/23/2008 1:45 PM Replies: 1

More than one vendor / Mini IA firm

Does anyone (daily claim adjusters) work for more than one IA firm at one time (as an independent contractor)? When it is so slow and this is your only job, is it better to try to work for two or more

Posted: 11/28/2007 5:13 PM Replies: 6

Fast Claim Settlement Requirements in Chile

Talk about requirements for fast claim settlement. This was taken from Insurance News Net, Best Wire Service 04/12/2010 Crawford & Co had a discussion about the situation in Chile and some of the

Posted: 04/13/2010 5:21 AM Replies: 0

Be aware of your surroundings

Just heard from an adjuster who has been in Tenn for 2 months. Last week an adjuster was shot to death in a motel/hotel parking lot when he fought for his lap top computer. No name or vendor known. Th

Posted: 04/01/2008 7:08 AM Replies: 5

Competition in the roofing business

DFW area and Houston area have always had very good roofing contractors who made a living off regular local event like 50-60 MPH spring, fall or winter winds. Hail from pea size to quarter size. This

Posted: 10/13/2007 11:36 AM Replies: 5

Thoughts from A Staff Adjuster

Lots of people must have gotten out of independant adjusting this year. Since Dolly almost every roster I signed up for has called asking me to be on call.  As most of you know, I took a job with

Posted: 08/21/2008 7:17 AM Replies: 21


WELL, Wife put me to work cleaning the blinds. Was going to slow so i devised a new way to speed things up a little.   Fill wife's jet tub w/ hot water put a few caps of ammonia in then lay bli

Posted: 02/01/2011 4:21 AM Replies: 1

What to do when the insured is deceased or divorced

I think death and divorce are common issues that rarely get covered in training. Adjusters learn what to do by trial and error, or if they are lucky, a knowledgeable supervisor tells them what to do.

Posted: 02/09/2013 6:33 AM Replies: 8

Daily Work--Insure-Aid

Hello Everyone,    I have been waiting for a storm all year and of course we haven't had a large event affecting the CONUS.  However say a prayer for those in Mexico and the Caribbea

Posted: 10/05/2010 11:29 PM Replies: 5

I want to work!

If you are an IA firm looking for a good, honest, hard working, clean cut adjuster that can hit the ground running call me.  I have experience and professional references.   Jason Wells &

Posted: 05/18/2010 8:11 PM Replies: 0