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Does anyone have the "Roof Computation Worksheet - Slope Method - Repair or Replace?" that HAAG created? a.k.a., The "DURA Worksheet". We have it in PDF format, but need it in Excel format ASAP. Any

Posted: 05/29/2014 3:57 PM Replies: 2

Louisiana flooding

Many of the affected homeowners do not even have federal flood insurance. In Krotz Springs, just 51 of 560 homes there have that coverage, according to a review by the New Orleans Times-Picayune. In

Posted: 05/20/2011 10:57 AM Replies: 1

Adjuster Commission Rate

1. What commission rate do you feel an experienced and proven adjuster should be paid? 50%........60%..........70%..........    

Posted: 08/22/2007 6:20 PM Replies: 7

Met Life

Does anyone know which IA firms are handling claims for MetLife?

Posted: 07/01/2010 3:07 PM Replies: 10

Need help finding a way to adjust in local area.

My family (Dad, brothers, sister) has been cat adjusting since 2003 working with mostly one vendor. Prior to that we were on the agent side of things. We are interested in slowing down on the tra

Posted: 07/27/2009 1:18 AM Replies: 1

Pacesetter Claims

I am trying to find out about Pacesetter Claims. I am on their "stand by list", but have not been called, which is somewhat surprising given my experience. I have not seen Pacesetter mentioned on this

Posted: 04/29/2011 10:19 AM Replies: 4

Mileage. Does your company take part of the mileage that you are owed?

For instance, if you are owed 100 miles after you deduct whatever miles the insurance deducts from their claims, does your company then take some of your mileage for themselves?

Posted: 11/13/2011 9:55 AM Replies: 9

Finding Contact Info For People Using Internet Sources

 Because the available resources online change so quickly, I'm hoping we can pool our resources to find out the best source of information when you need to contact someone with a name, license pl

Posted: 10/04/2011 7:39 AM Replies: 3

Insurance agent needs help in florida to start adjusting??

Hello, my name is Michael Zick.  I live in Tampa.  I have my Life, Health, and VA license.  I want to become an general adjuster to begin with.  Couls anyone please help direct me

Posted: 01/21/2009 5:49 PM Replies: 11

World Claim

I have been contacted by World Claim to go overseas to work as a 'public adjuster' for them. I have not run across them and am looking for any feedback anyone might have on them. I have many, many que

Posted: 09/04/2012 3:01 PM Replies: 2