Crawford & Company(R) Acquires GAB Robins
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Crawford & Company(R) Acquires GAB Robins

ATLANTA (December 1, 2014) — Crawford & Company today announced that it has completed the purchase of GAB Robins Holdings UK Limited (GAB Robins), a loss adjusting and claims management provider headquartered in the UK. The acquisition of GAB Robins will enable Crawford to significantly expand its claims handling business across a wide range of product lines in the UK and bolster its global specialty lines claims services.

“With the acquisition of GAB Robins and the combined expertise of both companies, Crawford will emerge as the pre‐eminent service provider in the claims management arena. Our shared strong client focus, global and local strengths will help deliver a richer and more comprehensive service offering, enhancing the Company’s future growth and performance,” said Jeffrey T. Bowman, president and chief executive officer, Crawford & Company. “GAB Robins brings to Crawford a wide portfolio of products, qualified technical experts, an established client base, and a record of financial success. Its in‐house expertise will contribute greatly towards expanding Crawford’s existing product lines, particularly in the specialist Aviation sector.”

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