National Lloyds Insurance Co and Compass Adjusting Services
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National Lloyds Insurance Co and Compass Adjusting Services

Hurricane Ike trial ends in win for National Lloyds Insurance

According to the charge of the court, filed Wednesday, jurors answered “no” when asked if National Lloyds failed to comply with the terms of the insurance policy issued to Thibodeaux.

The jury further found that both National Lloyds and Compass Adjusting Services, the company that adjusted Thibodeaux’s claim, did not:

– Misrepresent the coverage of the policy;

– Fail to attempt in good faith to effectuate a prompt and fair settlement;

– Fail to provide Thibodeaux a reasonable explanation of the legal basis in the policy for the insurer’s denial of the claim;

– Fail to affirm or deny coverage within a reasonable time; and

– Refuse to pay a claim without conducting a reasonable investigation.


The above comes from a article on Southeast Texas Record   click here to read the full article

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