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Using the Square Break tool to add roof extensions

Have you ever seen a tree in an Xactimate® estimate that listed the Roof as Roof1, Roof2 and so on and only be dealing with one building? If so then the tree in Xactimate may have looked like the one below. I have and in this blog I'm going to show you how to eliminate the multiple entries.  I will not get into editing the name or dimensions in this blog but will in a later blog. I often have to review files and and a tree like this to me makes it harder to get an understanding of what the adjuster is doing.

Tree view

In most cases this is because the estimate writer is using the Roof icon or the "f" key to add a roof extension.  I'm going to create a simple gable roof and show the adding of two extensions using the Roof icon.   Roof Icon

The images below show the steps used when adding an extension in this matter and the results.

Simple Roof

First we start with a simple roof using the roof icon or f key.  Then when we want to add an extension we incorrectly use the roof icon again.


And combine the two extensions by dragging them to the area we want them to appear.


Once the extensions have been added to the diagram above your tree will look like this.


In the example below we use the "Square Break" icon or the "B" key.



Once we have the "Square Break" tool active we go to diagram and select the area for the extension.


We use the "Ctrl" key and drag this blue square out to create the extension.


We repeat the process for the second extension.



Hold the "Ctrl" key down while with your mouse you grab (left click) and drag the box out to form the extension and end up with a roof diagram as shown below.


Now take a look at our tree.


You can now add your line items to the estimate under one entry, of course Roof1 does not provide much information you could also change the name to just Roof and the group header (Main Level) to Dwelling to indicate Dwelling Roof. We will review changing names and tweaking the diagram in another blog. I have included the above roof sketch template below that you can download and load into your sketch. This tip was made using Xactimate® version 24.10.

Thanks for visiting.

Sketch Template Unzip to use

7 comments on article "Using the Square Break tool to add roof extensions"

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Kim Stegall

The way you displayed that is really great Roy....really easy to see what you are talking about. I believe you can also get rid of those extra roof numbers by going into the properties of each extension and making them a subroof but your way has less steps!

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Roy Cupps


You are correct about the subroof. As with most task in Xactimate, there are at least two ways to do something. I suggest that users use the method that works best for them. The Properties tab provides additional ways to tweak the diagram as well.

Thanks for the comments .

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Dimechimes Corp

Great detailed info Roy- I posted a link to this on for trainee adjusters to benefit from! Deb

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Create the roofs anyway you want, and then when finished drag a box around all the roof structures (so they are all selected) and press CTRL+SHIFT+C to combine all the roofs. The largest one will always be the main roof, and everything else will be subroofs.

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Yes, or simply right click after everything is highlighted and choose "combine" to get the same result. Making the roofs separately allows for more ease of controlling specifications such as separate pitches for dormers and such!

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alex t wag

new to the adjuster field 30 years in new homes and fire and warder damage looking for help fineing programs for the field

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excellent share! this makes life so much easier. i was having a hard time understanding this concept and found your site while doing my research. thanks!

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