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Our Directory is a free service offer to the insurance claims community that allows industry related businesses to provide information about their company, products and services that may be helpful to insurance adjusters including staff adjusters, Independent Catastrophe Adjusters and non-catastrophe Adjusters.  To get your industry related company listed you will need a free user account and after you login with your account click the Add New Resource link that you will see below this area after you login.  If your company is already listed then use the Resource Manager link that you will also see below to update your listing. Here is a link to the Latest Additions to the Directory

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State-approved insurance adjuster continuing education (and insurance pre-license training) at your pace online.

eInsuranceTraining provides convenient online continuing education to help licensed insurance adjusters and producers across the nation satisfy their CE requirements. In addition, we offer state approved pre-license training to help those just starting out in their careers. 

If you are looking for insurance CE courses in a convenient online format, our innovative and state approved classes, tech support and customer service specialists are here to help you.

Join the thousands of licensees we have helped attain and renew their insurance licenses by reaching out and contacting us today!

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Windstorm Insurance Conference (WIND Conference)

The Educational and Networking Conference for Property Insurance Claims Professionals

The annual Windstorm Insurance Conference (WIND) is a three-day conference for the property insurance claims industry. Our mission is to provide professional development, training, certifications, and networking opportunities to bring together defense and policyholder representatives to better connect, learn, and engage for the betterment of our industry and consumers.

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American Adjuster Academy

Adjuster Licensing Courses Created BY Adjusters FOR Adjusters!

American Adjuster Academy

Welcome To American Adjuster Academy

Your Adjuster Career starts here! Our guidance will help you launch your insurance adjusting career in the right direction. Our instructors are the best in the industry! We are committed to passing on the knowledge and experience from years in the field and providing the highest quality training available.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality training programs, both online and in our classroom. Whether you are just starting your insurance adjusting career or you are a seasoned adjuster looking for continuing education and training, we are your complete resource.

adjuster training


View Online Course Catalogue


View Our January Classroom Schedule

Texas Pre-Licensing

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2021 Training, LLC

Live Experience in Online Training

2021 Training, LLC

2021 Training is the latest in online training.  We emulate live classroom experience for new adjusters getting into the field.  

Our training is available online 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  Don't waste time with travel and hotel expenses.  Spend your money where you will get benefit from it.

We offer TX Pre-Licensing Training for new adjusters as well as Xactimate training.  There are also classes such as our Practical Adjusting class that will help the new adjuster be successful from day one on his or her first deployment.

Our classes are second to none and will provide you with everything you need to start a successful career in insurance adjuster.  

We also offer a large assortment of online CE classes for Texas license renewals.

Start Here

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The Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute

A well-educated adjuster is an effective adjuster. With the Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute you'll be on the fast track to becoming a successful adjuster. Our informative, educational classes will give you the guidance you need to catapult your insurance adjusting career in the right direction. The Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute offers the most effective, highest quality training in the United States, whether you're just starting your career with your Texas All-Lines Adjuster Licensing, learning cutting edge software such as Xactimate 27 or meeting your Continuing Education needs.

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Top Adjuster Xactimate Training

Top Adjuster- Train With the Best

Click Here to see our upcoming class schedule.

Learn from the best trainer in the business.  With over 15 years of field claims experience.

Why learn from an Xactimate Certified Trainer?

XCT status ensures that Xactimate users are trained in accordance with Xactware’s high standards. Being trained by an XCT is equivalent to being trained at Xactware’s campus. This high caliber of training assures employers and those seeking to be trained on Xactimate that they will be properly trained. Students who are trained by an XCT are prepared to get the job done right!

Chris Hatcher, AIC

Xactimate Certified Trainer

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AE21 Online

The Making of a Claims Professional- The Finest in Adjuster Licensing and Continuing Education


Welcome to AE21 Online. Our online programs offer the widest variety of online adjuster licensing and the highest quality claims training and continuing education programs in America, covering issues, topics and challenges that insurance adjusters, case managers and risk professionals encounter every day in the world of claims.

Vastly superior to any other online “claims” curriculum available on the market today, our interactive, reinforced learning process ensures maximum understanding and retention that will have an immediate and positive impact on each student’s level of knowledge and skill-set. Nowhere in the industry will you find a more technically appropriate, affordable and convenient learning experience for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge and understanding in the world of property, casualty and workers’ compensation insurance claims. 

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Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio

Your one stop Adjuster Resource - Licensing, Adjuster Training, Xactimate and Continuing Education

Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio

Start your Adjusting career here!

Don't just get your license.

Become a WORKING Adjuster!

Texas Adjuster Licensing and Adjuster Skills Training in San Antonio, Texas

Starting your career with Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is fastest way to become a successful adjuster. Our guidance will help you launch your insurance adjusting career in the right direction.

Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio offers the best value in quality training for your adjusting career, from licensing to meeting and fulfilling your continuing education needs. We are committed to passing on the knowledge and experience from years in the field and providing the highest quality adjuster training available. Our focus is on you and the education you will receive while attending Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio courses.

Our instructors are the best in the business!

We guarantee you will pass the licensing exam or we will provide you with a personal coach and let you take the exam again for free!

Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is proud to offer the highest quality adjuster specific training available. Each of our instructors are certified with five years of experience teaching the course they lead. We have over 20 years of experience working as claims adjusters, "inside adjusters", and claims managers in all types of catastrophes, including hurricanes, floods, fires, and windstorms.  We not only teach you to get your license, we teach you how to become a "working" adjuster.  We show you what is necessary to become a "hip-pocket" adjuster that the independent firms can not do without!

Current Course Offerings 

3 Day - Texas All Lines Pre-Licensing:
This 3 day course satisfies all Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements for obtaining your Texas insurance adjuster license. No additional courses or tests necessary.

2 Day - Intro to Xactimate and Sketch:
This 2 day software training program will teach students the basics and some advanced aspects of the most popular estimating software in the insurance industry. You will be able to walk into any situation with confidence!
5 Day - Adjuster Training Program:
Learn the skills you need from start to finish.  Learn what it takes to get on site, scope losses, evaluate policies, and close claims.  learn the proper equipment, measuring techniques, and photo documentation of claims. 

4 Day - Advanced Xactimate + Sketch:
This four-day course is instructed by experienced, licensed, Level 3 certified adjusters. During this course, we will teach you how to use Xactimate to complete accurate and professional estimates and sketches.

Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is a Texas Dept. of Insurance registered education provider (#36187) offering Texas All Lines Adjuster Licensing, Adjuster Training and Continuing Education for adjusters who are seeking real-world and quality training by experienced professionals at an affordable price.

We can not promise immediate employment, however;  Adjuster Academy of Texas at San Antonio is committed to providing you with the tools necessary to suceed with sound and honest career  guidance and quality training for your adjusting career, from licensing to meeting your continuing education needs.

Our instructors are the best in the business and are certified with at least five years of experience teaching adjusting courses. Providing the highest quality training available, our instructors offer over 20 years experience working as claims adjusters in all types of catastrophes including, hurricanes, floods, fires, and windstorms. Our instructors also have multiple years of experience working as "inside adjusters" and claims managers.

We are committed to passing on the knowledge and experience from years in the field and providing the highest quality training available. 

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Watermark (Xactimate Classroom and Online Training)

Xactimate Classroom and Online Training

Watermark (Xactimate Classroom and Online Training)

Xactimate 28 Online Training
Convenient online Xactimate video training by Watermark is available when your schedule permits! CE: Texas and Oklahoma CE (8 hours)  Learn More.

New! Approved for Georgia CE (5 hours) Learn More.

Xactimate 28 Classroom Training 

Learn Xactimate in a hands-on class with other people in your industry. Classes are scheduled near you! Learn More.

Classes are conducted by Sean M. Burgess, an experienced field adjuster and estimator, who is also an Xactimate Certified Trainer (XCT).

Learn More at!

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Training Solutions For Today's Storm Claims Workforce


8 Florida & 8 Texas CEUs Provided with the most recognized Multi-Story /Steep Training class in the Property Claims Industry

Just Wanted to let all New Property Adjusters know that the 2010 OJT Catastrophe Claims Adjuster manual is now complete and available to you for 20% CM discounted rate.

This book is without question the most informative literature on the market AND as always, comes with a 100% moneyback no questions asked guarantee if you (for what ever reason) do not agree.

This book is written by seasoned IA Property adjusters for new IA adjusters or for those considering a career in the catastrophe claims industry.


This book is a "tell all" expose account (both good and bad) of what the industry is and includes topics that Carriers & IA firms would not DARE to address due to the codes of political correctness that they must adhere to.


View a free 70 pg cut-away of this 250 page book @

Call us at (936) 537-6759 or go on-line to order your book and you will receive a $150 discount off the cost of our ($308) Multi-Story /Steep Rope & Harness Certification Class - THE MOST RECOGNIZED R&H TRAINING IN THE INDUSTRY. OUR CLIENTS /CUSTOMERS INCLUDE EA RENFROE, MASON CLAIMS, FARMERS INS GROUP...

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The Number One Resourse for Insurance and Construction Professionals!

IRP-FLORIDA is a building community portal created to provide building departments, design professionals, builders, restoration professionals and insurance industry professionals the simplicity of using one website to retrieve information on all aspects of the Construction and Reconstruction Industry.  With the most current and accurate information possible at your finger tips, IRP-FLORIDA will help you to produce a more accurate and better quality product.

IRP-FLORIDA also offers a multitude of professional development courses for each of the following professional groups:

  • Architects
  • Attorney's   
  • Building Code Administrators and Inspectors 
  • Contractors
  • Engineers (Provided by our partners at Bracken Engineering)
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Insurance Agents
Our Classes
The courses that we offer will be taught at venues in many of the communities throught the State of Florida, making it easier to attend without missing much work.  Each class description lists the various Florida State Professional Groups that it is approved for.  Each class was created by one or more of our expert staff or our affiliate.

So, where ever you chose to attend one of our courses, we will always offer you the quality education resources that you would expect from The Number One Resource for Insurance and Construction Professionals.

In-House Classes
We also offer in-house classes that can be taught at your place of business.  The way this works is that you select the course or courses that you would like to be taught to the members of your office and then we will sit down and arrange a time and date that we can bring the class to you.  All that we ask is that you have at least 8 paid students for each class.  If you would like for us to setup a lunch or just snacks and drinks, please let us know and we can set that up that for an additional charge.
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The Premier Provider of Continuing Education

AdjusterCE, a service of WebCE, is a nationwide supplier of state-of-the-art continuing education courses to licensed adjusters and insurance professionals.  AdjusterCE features a curriculum of top quality courses from WebCE’s nationwide insurance CE catalog.  Winner of the coveted “Best CE Provider” for 3 years running, WebCE offers the largest state-specific course catalog and delivers over 500,000 courses each year.  Our integrated suite of continuing education courses and testing services are available online and by paper.
Courses start at just $4.95, and includes:
  • Online Course & Exam
  • Instant Grading
  • Next-Day Reporting*
  • Online Printable Certificates of Completion*
  • Unlimited Retakes
To order courses, or for additional information, please visit our website at
Or, if you wish to speak with a customer service representative, please call our toll-free number at (800)-488-9308.
**Available in all states that permit**
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The Premier Continuing Education Provider

WebCE is a nationwide supplier of state-of-the-art continuing education courses to licensed insurance professionals and financial planners. Winner of the coveted “Best CE Provider” for 3 years running, WebCE offers the largest state-specific course catalog and delivers over 500,000 courses each year.  Our integrated suite of continuing education courses and testing services are available online and by paper.
The WebCE Difference:
  • Nationwide Catalog of Courses for All License Types
  • Largest State-Specific Course Offerings
  • All CE Bundles Start at Just $12.95
  • Online & Paper Courses
  • Next-Day Reporting*
  • Online Printable Certificates of Completion*
  • No Retake Fees
To order courses, or for additional information, please visit our website at
Or, if you wish to speak with a customer service representative, please call our toll-free number at (800)-488-9308.

*Available in all states that permit*
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"You Can't Run A Business Sitting In A Classroom"

The principals of  State Continuing Education have over 30 years of combined experience in the field of Financial Services and Continuing Education. Our companies have delivered over 300,000 Continuing Education courses to license professionals.

Our extensive selection of quality course materials provides a quick reference guide for comprehensive, easy to understand information on the subject matter. Our courses are designed to provide you quick and painless solutions to your Continuing Education needs.

Our experience and course selections allows us to provide the most effective Continuing Education programs available. 
  • Register as a Preferred Customer at NO COST and receive a 25% discount on current and all future continuing education courses.
  • 100% Price Match Guarantee.  If you find a lower priced class, let us know and we'll match it

We believe in giving our customers choices that suit their individual needs. We know that each person may have a different learning style and we offer our courses in the following formats.

Order Your Courses Online @ , Toll Free or by Mail

Complete Your Courses Online @ by Mail

You can view and print most of our course materials online and complete your exams online if you choose. Some of our courses DO NOT require a final exam. Our certificates of completion can be printed from our website (where allowed by the state) or by postal mail and we report the results to the appropriate state agency if required. We also offer an express grading service for those who need their certificates of completion within twenty four hours. We maintain all completed course records for a period of five years.

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Haag Education & Haag Engineering Co.

Haag Engineering Co. offers a wide variety of training seminars on many topics related to failure and damage assessment. Seminar topics include almost all types of roofing, foundations, siding and framing, lightning damage, electrical issues, fire origin & cause, and many more.
  Haag Engineering creates its seminars with students' needs in mind. If there is a seminar topic you don't see listed here, just ask. We create custom seminars for organizations on demand, and we are always looking for new topics to expand our seminar library. As always, our seminars are presented by professional engineers with  years of experience and expertise in their fields.
   For the latest listing of seminar dates, locations, and topics please visit our website at You'll also find information on available continuing education credit, as well as information on our educational publications and products.
   Thank you for your interest in Haag Engineering's seminars!

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