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4 Replies and 2637 Views Commercial Classes?  2637  4 Started by  TXAD Greetings guys.  I've been searching the forum for information regarding commercial adjusting classes,  but having no luck.  Do any of you folks know of any schools that teach commercial classes   I learned of one up north,  like in Indiana,  and sent an e-mail,  but never got a reply. Thanks in advance for any help.  Hope all had a safe holiday season.   Bud
4 2637
by  TXADJump to last post
01/08/2013 6:36 PM
0 Replies and 3292 Views Referral Fee for new business  3292  0 Started by  lhpgators I am an IA and get all of my business from IA firms. I have been trying to get some direct insurance carrier clients but, as some of you may know, it has proved to be very difficult. I would never go after any carriers that I do work for now. I have been speaking with someone who has very good relationships with carriers. This person is not an IA or IA firm. We are considering partnering together. Basically he would introduce me to potential clients and help with getting them to send me work. I...
0 3292
01/07/2013 1:11 PM
3 Replies and 4994 Views New to the job and the community!  4994  3 Started by  Velella Hey guys and gals, I have received an email from EArenfroe and they would like me to join there roster. The only thing I am waiting for is the IDL, but the next IDL class isn't until mid march. My question is; is there any work I can get it the mean time I am 100 brand new to the adjustment world, my old jobs contract (nothing to do with insurance) expired at the start of the new year so I am unemployed until I get the idl and can start training. I am just looking for some training/ work and s...
3 4994
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
01/07/2013 1:29 AM
4 Replies and 3040 Views Canada hail work  3040  4 Started by  suzukini How many of you have worked north of the border  Did you drive your own vehicle with your tools/ladder  Licensing needed  Pay rate decent  Just wondering as I went on stand by for the Alberta hail storm and have no experience in another country working.  Thanks!
4 3040
by  olderthendirtJump to last post
01/05/2013 9:40 AM
5 Replies and 4006 Views A few questions from a new adjuster  4006  5 Started by  ftrcatadj Hey guys, I am new to the field. Graduated from college a few years ago and found out my degree isn't as valuable as I thought it was lol. I have several friends who are in insurance and one who is a ind/cat adjuster for pilot. I am doing some ride alongs with him over the next few weeks locally looking at property claims. In addition I have gotten my level Xactimate 27 certification and my NC(home state) adjuster's license.  Form this point I have contacted pilot and they require the Sta...
5 4006
by  ftrcatadjJump to last post
12/31/2012 11:52 PM
2 Replies and 6106 Views Xactimate  6106  2 Started by  Shadow14US I was purchasing Xactimate on a monthly or as needed basis from a company called 'Adjuster Relief', but I recently tried to renew mine for this current storm and find out that she isn't doing renewals at this time.  I recent underwent a total knee replacement and so I am working from home as a file reviewer and I wanted to have it available to assist my FA's whenever they had questions.  So my question is as follows, does anyone know of another company that sells Xactimate for a discou...
2 6106
by  jliautaudJump to last post
12/31/2012 9:23 AM
10 Replies and 2478 Views ALE for ho 4 and 6 in Sandy  2478  10 Started by  nazareneum Anyone out there getting answers on ALE payments for ho4 and 6 policies for 'sandy'  I hear a lot of opinions but it seems the policy is clear that it has to be due to direct physical loss by a covered peril.  What are others hearing
10 2478
by  AtfulldrawJump to last post
12/31/2012 3:31 AM
2 Replies and 2380 Views NYC CLAIMS- Anyone looking for a roommate?  2380  2 Started by  CharlesP233 I have been working claims in Jersey for the past month, but now I am being sent to NYC. My 3 buddies are being sent home, and the cheapest hotel I can find (that is not an hourly call girl type of hotel) is over $200 with tax. All the temp rooms are filled, and no landlord wants to rent their place by the month. I am clean, and I do not snore. If anyone is interested let me know.
2 2380
by  okclarrydJump to last post
12/22/2012 8:34 PM
1 Replies and 2051 Views on the job training  2051  1 Started by  j7470ek looking for a mentor/trainer in Tampa to take me into the field and teach me. pls email
1 2051
by  j7470ekJump to last post
12/22/2012 7:08 PM
5 Replies and 3106 Views Need to work  3106  5 Started by I am a very experience pdrp estimator and will be receiving my Texas All Lines License in a few weeks. I am looking to get to the Sandy region. I am willing to go work for anyone needing assistance scoping and entering claim losses. I am also capable of taking a claim from assignment to closing. If anyone can help me 'break in' I would really really appreciate the help. 
5 3106
by  CharlesP233Jump to last post
12/19/2012 8:14 PM
23 Replies and 24369 Views Adjusting Firm Startup  24369  23 Started by  newmember78
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I wanted to get some advice on how to startup my own adjusting firm. I have taken all necessary steps to do so and ready to hire 1099 adjusters to send out on claims. Only problem is I have zero clients. How in the world do you obtain claims from these carriers without stealing them from the current IA firms I run claims for now Also since I run under my own LLC could I send out my own adjusters to run claims for the IA firms that I 1099 for
23 24369
by  Jud G.Jump to last post
12/08/2012 6:36 PM
2 Replies and 6865 Views Chat Room - Update    6865  2 Started by  host We have problem with the chat room &160; However, we have provided a new one for you to use until we can get the old one working again. We used this chat room in the past so long time visitors may recognize it. &160; Here are some of the features. Instant (private) messaging Allows you to send and receive person-to-person messages in your chat room. Instant message windows indicate when users are typing, and when they have closed their private message window or have lo...
2 6865
by  edward@eddiereal-gcs.comJump to last post
11/14/2012 5:22 PM
10 Replies and 3696 Views Gotta love these late season moneymakers  3696  10 Started by  margar1 What a pleasant suprise here late in the cane season. Issac turned out to be a great gig following the Dericho in Virginia. This is going to shape up to be a good year after a busy spring and summer working hail.   Blessed and thankful....  
10 3696
by  margar1Jump to last post
11/11/2012 11:17 PM
12 Replies and 7674 Views laminated three tab shingle  7674  12 Started by  jclstorm Has anyone ever see a laminated three tab shingle It is a standard three tab size with one laminated strip per tab. Do they still make anything like this Thanks, trying to see if it can be matched.
12 7674
by  RoofninjaJump to last post
11/05/2012 10:01 PM
0 Replies and 2697 Views Southern Nevada Adjusters  2697  0 Started by  BFoard Are there any southern Nevada adjusters on the forum I have looked at the 10 or so that are listed in the CADO adjuster database and most are out of the industry or in another stated working storms. I am looking for a licensed adjuster ASAP. If you are capable or know of someone that is capable of working day claims in the Las Vegas area please have them call or email me.   Thanks, Brandon Foard (903) 436-0243
0 2697
10/13/2012 12:02 AM
7 Replies and 3435 Views Now what? Still want to jump on board?  3435  7 Started by  HuskerCat To all of the newbies, and the is getting tougher to get work. Isaac threw up (puked) some hopes for some, but went where the work would not be (NOLA).  Keep your day job, whether it be daily claims as a local branch IA or the overworked staffer...I'm talking salary, car, being at home, benefits, etc.  Define yourself!
7 3435
by  racerxJump to last post
10/12/2012 8:24 AM
2 Replies and 3231 Views Auto Adjusting  3231  2 Started by  lizmcgee Need advise on investing in training. What do ya'll think about an independent cat adjuster investing in auto physical damage training or does this type of adjuster really need this training since cat adjuster usually work hail storms.  If a cat adjuster needs this training, where can you get auto physical damage training Thanks in advance for your help.
2 3231
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
10/04/2012 1:09 AM
6 Replies and 3456 Views Saving sketch to pdf?  3456  6 Started by  heythisisaj Hey ya'll, I'm a newbie to this website, but not a newbie to Xactimate.  However, I am trying to increase efficiency with the reports I do on a day to day basis, and I've never figured out how to get a document of just my sketch, with all of the measurements showing (sometimes, if its over 20-25 squares, the measurements get lost) and the 3-d images showing  Is there an easy way to do this  Currently, I just use snagit and snag every aspect of the sketch that I need and throw it...
6 3456
by  heythisisajJump to last post
09/27/2012 8:10 PM
4 Replies and 2655 Views Best internet options? Do you guys use air cards?  2655  4 Started by  Bobabooey I'm thinking of renting a small office to work out of and I do not know if I should buy regular internet access via DSL or cable, or get a wireless card   IF I get wireless, I can use it in my car and have it with me at all times, but I am worried about quality of service.  I have heard from many people that their wireless internet service sucks.   You guys have any opinions on this 
4 2655
by  Tim_JohnsonJump to last post
09/23/2012 7:31 PM
13 Replies and 4088 Views Isaac  4088  13 Started by  LucyZ Does it appear to be a lot of work from this storm Before the storm my email and phone were busy. It seems to have gotten pretty quiet.
13 4088
by  Tex WalkerJump to last post
09/21/2012 5:04 PM
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