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Last Post 01/07/2013 1:11 PM by  lhpgators
Referral Fee for new business
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01/07/2013 1:11 PM

    I am an IA and get all of my business from IA firms. I have been trying to get some direct insurance carrier clients but, as some of you may know, it has proved to be very difficult. I would never go after any carriers that I do work for now.

    I have been speaking with someone who has very good relationships with carriers. This person is not an IA or IA firm. We are considering partnering together. Basically he would introduce me to potential clients and help with getting them to send me work. I know IAs around the state so I would potentially be able to offer claim services throughout the state. Basically become an IA firm.

    The ONLY role this person would play is to help me get a new client or clients (based on his relationship with them). He would do nothing else as far as day to day operations. He would basically be a silent partner who helps me get new clients. 

    I want to work out a deal with him and pay him a continuous percentage of net profits brought in by these clients. Basically like a residual referral fee that would last as long as the carrier is a client. How much would be a fair percentage. 

    Please remember this person is only helping retain clients and then does nothing else. I know that is a very important role. But I do not want to "give away the farm" because I will be responsible for the rest of the work for the life of the client.


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