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SIMSOL Software, Inc.
Posted: 06/13/2007 Hits: 9023
CODE Evolution Inc. - Virtual Claims Adjuster
Posted: 06/09/2007 Hits: 8901
Posted: 06/13/2007 Hits: 9397
EagleView Technologies
Posted: 06/22/2009 Hits: 5067
G & E Software Services
Posted: 12/14/2007 Hits: 4795

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Burkitt Computer Corporation

Clerk Of The Works Time And Materials Software ~ by CDN Design
Easy, Flexible, Detailed, and Accurate T&M Software For The Restoration Industry
CODE Evolution Inc. - Virtual Claims Adjuster
You Expand Your Business.... We Expand Your Software
COMPackage Total Compensation Statements
Total Compensation Statements Made Easy. Show Employees Their Total Value.
COMPackage Total Compensation Statements
Total Compensation Statements Made Easy. Show Employees Their Total Value.
ConciseStaff - adjuster tracking solution
Complete Concise Control
Connect Point Resolution Systems, LLC
Rain? Diagram Anyway. IT'S FASTER, SAFER and MORE EFFICIENT!
EagleView Technologies
Roof Measuring Made Easy! Measure anywhere, anytime, and in any weather.
G & E Software Services
Time and Materials Software Designed and Developed for the Property Loss Industry
G & E Software Services
Designed and Developed for the Property Loss Industry - Taking Time and Material Billing to a New Level
Accurate Roof Measurements Made Easy!
Hosted Estimating
anywhere. anytime. any device

Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.


Management and Training Innovations, Inc...Manage Your Roster
Melton Global, Inc.
The World @ Your Fingertips
N2uitive Corporation
The #1 System for Recording, Indexing, Storing and Transcribing Statements
PortNexus Corporation
Associate - enhancing mobile productivity and efficiency
PowerClaim XML

Service First Claim Solutions
Service Solutions Savings: A web based property Claim FNOL system
SIMSOL Software, Inc.
Helping Adjusters Help Themselves!
Symbility Solutions

Symbility Solutions Inc.
First in mobile claims
The Income & Loss Analyst for the Insurance Professional
Business Income and Business Interruption Software
Verifly, LLC dba Roofers411
#1 Rated Remote Roof Measuring Service
Vistalogix Corporation

Xactware, Inc.

Classifieds- Training

Conquer Xactimate AIA Oct Schedule -Gulf Breeze, FL ,Calgary, AB ,Toronto, ON, Dallas, TX
9/29/2015 9:27:16 AM Training
Don't letlacking Xactimate skills be the reason you're not closing as many claims, or writing as many estimates as you should. AIA is your solution! ...
Xactimate (ALL LEVELS) and SIMSOL Training On Line- 6 months Unlimited access
9/21/2015 1:59:08 PM Training
The only Training That’s Fully Guaranteed!(Money Back Guarantee- If you aren't satisfied, we'll refund your money. See details at
''Lowest Price Guaranteed!'' TX All-Lines Adjuster License Online or Classroom Xactimate
9/22/2015 8:58:54 PM Training
TEXAS ALL-LINES LICENSING CALL NOW 866-626-0095Visit us now at start your...
Full Suite of Xactimate AND SIMSOL Training On Line- 6 months unlimited access All Levels
9/11/2015 11:33:08 AM Training
Learn On Line! At your own pace. The only Training That’s Fully Guaranteed!6 Months Unlimited access to our entire Training Library for just $299!...

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Software Topics

Windows 10 & estimating programs
Windows 10 is being pushed out for us to use but has anyone tried it or will it work with Xactimate, Simsol, or Symbility? I presently pondering installing since I will be purchasing a new computer this fall.
Replies: 2
Xactimate 28 questions
Hello everyone.  I am new to Xactimate software coming from Simsol. I am trying to figure out how to attach my FCN number to the final report on a flood claim and am coming up with nothing. As you all are probably well aware, the differences between the two softwares are notable. Also, when p
Replies: 1
Xact 28 estimating ELE, HVAC, PLM, etc
On the sales page for Xactimate 28 they have the following listed... Properties for Construction Assemblies Quickly estimate complex construction assemblies such as floor systems, roof systems, joist systems, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, decks, fences, and much more by using Xactimate properties.
Replies: 2
Introducing EquiX
We are a company that has developed a prototype online offering that will allow commercial P&C adjusters (major residential categories coming soon too) to quickly and accurately identify, inventory and value damaged/lost commercial and industrial machinery & equipment across an array of indu
Replies: 1
Simsol Software Tutorial
This recording is the first webinar in a series of videos to come from Simsol. Each of the webinars will cover features found in the version 5.0 of Simsol's estimating software and will be conducted by Simsol's training director, Danny Sutliff. For more information please visit Simsol's website at w
Replies: 2