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10 Replies and 4337 Views License in North Carolina  4337  10 Started by  Idervit HELP!!!  There was a thread here about a particular instructor in North Carolina whom someone felt was very good.  If anyone knows who that instructor is or the thread that pertains to getting Licensed in North Carolina please let me know.  I have my TX lic. and need to get licensed in the state of North Carolina (resident state).  Trying to find out how bad is the test and how long is the course work for this class.  Thanks in advance for any help given.
10 4337
by  StormSupportJump to last post
11/04/2008 11:24 AM
11 Replies and 9566 Views General Adjuster  9566  11 Started by  frankb Does anyone have info on how to get certified as a general adjuster
11 9566
by  frankbJump to last post
10/30/2008 8:58 PM
3 Replies and 5956 Views The Adjuster School  5956  3 Started by  one2envy Hello Everyone, Has anyone been envolved with or attended courses at&160;The Adjuster School I am looking into attending some of there courses because they offer job placement. I am curious to know if they follow through with there word Thanks, Ronl
3 5956
by  rarmer7737Jump to last post
10/27/2008 2:01 PM
2 Replies and 3320 Views business interruption training  3320  2 Started by  dmag looking for business interruption training in the chicago area for 2008, or online schooling.  Any suggestions
2 3320
by  Tim_JohnsonJump to last post
10/23/2008 7:19 PM
7 Replies and 4045 Views Looking for advice.  4045  7 Started by  katnib Hello, I am a residential new home and re-modeling contractor with over 25 years of experience. Over those years I have worked a couple of storms i.e. Andrew and Hugo, and from there worked for companies such as Belfor International, in insurance paid restoration capacities. A freind of mine recieved his Texas all lines licence this spring and has done some claims through a company I beleive is called Ameriprise During this time there we're 2 hail events in our part of Ohio and I have been&160...
7 4045
by  katnibJump to last post
10/10/2008 10:11 AM
11 Replies and 4340 Views Ike.... is it your first storm... listen up.  4340  11 Started by  Ray Hall Many new people who did not work in 2004 and 2005 have wanted a chance to get into the business of catastrophe adjusting. This may be your chance to work. I think all of you know by now the work is piece work as far as the pay goes. That means you have to work in a very timly manner by contacting the policyholders who have storm damage, inspect, photo and write the cost to repair the damage in a software program that cost about $125.00 per month or slightly less. Exactimate is required by many v...
11 4340
by  MedulusJump to last post
10/08/2008 9:52 AM
0 Replies and 3503 Views Which direction?  3503  0 Started by  cegerney It seems as if every adjusting company asks for proficiency in a different program.&160;&160; Training for each and every program before being hired seems excessive.&160; I suppose I don't understand exactly how this works.&160; It appears as if Xactimate is the most commonly used program yet the least adjuster friendly.&160; If an adjusting company typically uses Simsol does that mean they would rather not hire an adjuster proficient in Xactimate&160; If hired, would the new adjuster be ...
0 3503
09/29/2008 3:44 PM
1 Replies and 3978 Views Travelers Test?  3978  1 Started by  jojo131 Greetings, I recently attended a job fair with Travelers after three interviews I&160;was invited back to take two tests. I was told to test for inside and outside adjuster. I guess it is very obvious by my question I am brand new to adjusting, ( I just passed the P&C adjusting&160;test Saturday)&160;and my ultimate goal is to be a IA.&160; To get to the point of my post, Does anyone know what the 'test' involves and what can or should I expect the results of that test to generate Tha...
1 3978
by  okclarrydJump to last post
09/27/2008 9:25 PM
1 Replies and 2853 Views Legal Advice: Cunningham / Vale Training  2853  1 Started by  Steve Reed No longer an issue. I contacted C-L and received a very good response. I'm leaving for Arlington on Saturday. Thanks - Steve
1 2853
by  Steve ReedJump to last post
09/25/2008 9:49 AM
1 Replies and 3230 Views Can this work?  3230  1 Started by  DavidP Hello All, Transitioning from staff to IA.&160; Left staff over summer.&160; Got a deployment that was supposed to be 60 split and&160;700 spot&160;bonus for passing competency test.&160; When I got here the split is 60...but now that I have the package of&160;information&160;they are&160;withhold another 10&160;(presumably for supplements and the like&160;They said more information on this to follow)&160;and billing another 2 for E&O and a still-to-be-explained cost for so...
1 3230
by  LarryWJump to last post
09/21/2008 8:49 AM
6 Replies and 4526 Views Chat for new people, try it it,s free  4526  6 Started by  Ray Hall I have met several new people in chat and log in several times a day. My advise is free and I am just giving back to the industry that has been very good to me for the last 50 years.
6 4526
by  Steve VannoyJump to last post
09/18/2008 7:04 PM
17 Replies and 8035 Views Online Property and Casualty Test in TX?  8035  17 Started by  F-Stop I heard that there was an online property and casualty test for adjusters, I even know people who have taken it, but noone I know can remember the address. If theres anyone out there with that information I would appreciate it. Thanks.
17 8035
by  rimfire90Jump to last post
09/16/2008 10:53 PM
6 Replies and 4372 Views Louisiana License  4372  6 Started by  ttown Hey Guys, &160; I have my Texas License, but want to get my LA License.&160; Can you guys please let me know how to get a LA license &160; THanks!
6 4372
by  katadjJump to last post
09/16/2008 10:21 PM
5 Replies and 3806 Views What can I expect?  3806  5 Started by  cegerney I am currently treading through the online adjusting class.&160; I have been a licensed agent for seven years in coastal Florida and for the past two years, Texas.&160; Although I do have extensive property and casualty knowledge, the only claims experience I can truly 'claim' is the acting liaison between the insured and the adjuster. ( I worked Ivan, and the other storms in the Pensacola area )&160; What types of positions could I realistically be capable of obtaining&160; ...and with wha...
5 3806
by  cegerneyJump to last post
09/16/2008 10:13 AM
3 Replies and 3671 Views Texas License Questions PLEASE?  3671  3 Started by  NHCatAdj I know we're all super busy right now, but I'm hopeful that someone will pop their head in and maybe at least have a link I can seek for info: &160; What is the current policy of the TDI on non-resident licenses&160; Can't seem to locate any information on that now, specifically with regard to a non-licensing state like Ohio. &160; Also, what is the TDI policy towards DUI offenses &160; TIA for all help.&160; It is appreciated!
3 3671
by  NHCatAdjJump to last post
09/14/2008 10:33 AM
1 Replies and 4004 Views OJT Catastrophe Manual?  4004  1 Started by  Pete Muller Has anyone looked at this manual. It's been advertised on this site and I'm just wondering if it would be worth me spending 100.00 on. I'm new so I'm trying to get as much info as I can. It just seems like you could nickle and dime yourself to death with all the training stuff thats out there.
1 4004
by  okclarrydJump to last post
09/11/2008 11:11 PM
0 Replies and 4156 Views Training in the Florida Panhandle.  4156  0 Started by  flboy0638 Im looking for some training thats close to Tallahassee Florida.&160; I would like training with Adjusting Software, , Sketch, Scoping, anything thats offered in this area please let me know.
0 4156
09/03/2008 8:12 PM
9 Replies and 4229 Views New with license no experience can I get work?  4229  9 Started by  dnjsdad I would like to work, but all of the sights that I have looked at want 2 years experience please any suggestions would be helpful.&160; I have been licensed with a TX all lines license for a little over a year but have not worked any claims.&160; Please help I want to WORK!!!!
9 4229
by  margar1Jump to last post
09/02/2008 11:05 PM
7 Replies and 4136 Views The Adjuster School  4136  7 Started by  ttown Hey Everyone, &160; Has anyone ever been or know if anybody that has been to The Adjuster School&160; Located down in TX.&160; If so what did everybody think about it and did you learn alot. &160; Thanks!
7 4136
by  ttownJump to last post
08/31/2008 4:50 PM
8 Replies and 3878 Views Passed TX All Lines...Michigan specific question...  3878  8 Started by  2roadrunners goes... &160;You guys have been great in previous questions I've posted. I've learned a lot and really appreciate all your comments and suggestions. As I stated in those previous investigative questions, I live in Michigan. As recommended, I took the on line course for the Texas All Lines, took the&160;exam, passed&160;and have a certificate from the school. I'm not sponsored and don't have a mentor (well, other than here on this site) to check with on what to do next. My state...
8 3878
by  2roadrunnersJump to last post
08/21/2008 6:57 PM
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