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Last Post 09/21/2008 8:49 AM by  LarryW
Can this work?
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09/20/2008 12:58 PM

    Hello All,

    Transitioning from staff to IA.  Left staff over summer.  Got a deployment that was supposed to be 60% split and 700 spot bonus for passing competency test. 

    When I got here the split is 60%...but now that I have the package of information they are withhold another 10% (presumably for supplements and the like? They said more information on this to follow) and billing another 2% for E&O and a still-to-be-explained cost for software, so I'm looking at a 46-48% payout.  Probably 90% of what I'm going to see will be in the 0-5000 range.  They state that 5-10% of the files will be reinspected by the carrier, and that if the carrier disputes measurements or line items they can withold payment on all files (including those not inspected by carrier). The agreement is for 2 months, no agreement on number of files to be received during this time.  I passed the competency test but no mention of the spot bonus.  They've also suggested (but I need to confirm this) that they don't want you to see more than 5 per day per quality concerns.   Payment is fixed, regardless of collection date from carrier, on the 15th of the month following the end of the month that you close the file (ie september closures paid Oct 15).

    I don't know IA agreements very well because my experience is as a staff adjuster.     Any of these major red flags or all pretty standard stuff? 

    I'm willing to work for a fraction of the take home I was getting as a staff adjuster to get started, but I have to fly to another location, rent a car, and purchase everything other than a laptop, xactiamte and camera for this cat and I'm growing concerned that I may be working 12 hours a day and losing money on this cat.



    09/21/2008 8:49 AM
    David, No red flags there. Fairly standard stuff. You should get paid the holdback --- providing your work product is "acceptable". Welcome to the IA world.
    No one is absolutely worthless, at the very least you can serve as a bad example.
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