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5 Replies and 3490 Views New site ripping content from CADO    3490  5 Started by  AcceleratedAdjuster Site is www.stormadjuster.com I love free advertising, and since I have an ad here, it is there, along with every other ad on CADO, and that is all the site really consists of. That said, if someone created a site and used only info from my site, I would probably want someone to tell me so that I could decide how to handle it. So, you have been advised.    
5 3490
by  AcceleratedAdjusterJump to last post
04/17/2013 12:22 PM
23 Replies and 5826 Views Portable Adjuster's Field Desk for Sale  5826  23 Started by  Leland
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This desk is designed for an adjuster between 5'5 and 6'2. Quick, intuitive setup- no more fumbling around with wrenches or dangerous telescopic legs. Made from 100 recycled materials, so you can work knowing you are helping the environment. Experienced adjusters will recognize the desktop is made of water resistant material. Adjuster seat is priced separately. Sorry for putting an ad in the discussion forum, I just don't have any money left after all the motel bills etc.
23 5826
by  LelandJump to last post
04/06/2013 2:22 PM
9 Replies and 4554 Views California Newbie  4554  9 Started by  Auc31978 I got offered a job opportunity from a Partner in a claims co. and did a week ride a long with an adjuster. I'm in California which I am under the companies umbrella so don't have to get a CA. Liscense. I need to get a Texas liscense but with the new Texas law I can't get it without a CA liscense. Any suggestions
9 4554
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
04/05/2013 12:59 AM
12 Replies and 4335 Views How many miles per day do you drive?  4335  12 Started by  John Velella (I did some searches and didnt come back with the right info so I am just going to ask) I am looking at my new vehicle for residential catastrophe adjusting (I am just starting out), and am trying to figure out how many miles on average I will be driving per day. I know that some jobs will be closer than others and some will be out in the county with long drives to each property, so just a general guess. I am doing some math out on gas mileage and what car makes the most sense for me to pur...
12 4335
by  hailkingJump to last post
04/02/2013 9:27 AM
6 Replies and 4112 Views Eberls - SF Auto Certification March Exam  4112  6 Started by  jghager Hi Newbie here, Wanted to know if some of you seniors can give me any advise as to the best way to procure placement on rosters   Here's a little background: AS-legal studies; BA-business management; 10 yrs of insurance and legal experience;16 yrs of customer service; bi-lingual (eng/spa); 2.20 FL license; and FL all-lines adjuster license I am going this weekend to the NFIP conference; am scheduled to take my SF auto exam on the 21st; and SF property exam on the 28-29th.  Am...
6 4112
by  jghagerJump to last post
03/20/2013 7:19 PM
5 Replies and 3809 Views Engle Martin and Associates  3809  5 Started by  Alex_Chernov Anybody dealt with them
5 3809
by  Jud G.Jump to last post
03/18/2013 11:42 AM
8 Replies and 2888 Views Underground cable claims  2888  8 Started by  kevinbti I have been 'selected' to handle underground cable claims our named insured accidently cut.  Has anyone handled thes types of losses  Suggestions on how to investigate to determine liablity  thanks
8 2888
by  Jud G.Jump to last post
03/11/2013 8:59 AM
26 Replies and 8153 Views Setting up our storm team ops  8153  26 Started by  kevinbti
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  I work with an insurance company and have been asked to revamp our storm team ops  What suggestions do you have to make the  teams most efficent  I think a requirement of 60 claim inspection for every 12 days worked is a fair requirement  What do you think  What requirements would you have in place   What would you like to have in place for first team responders ettc; Thanks for any suggestions.
26 8153
by  dpadjusterJump to last post
02/27/2013 12:04 PM
20 Replies and 5390 Views Ride along  5390  20 Started by  Adjuster Don
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I am in Vero Beach Florida and would be willing to ride along free of charge to get a perspective of the day to day activity. I have a Florida License all lines and various other certs. I once trained people in my previous company over the last 30 years and willing to start over from the bottom   Don
20 5390
by  Adjuster DonJump to last post
02/07/2013 5:28 PM
18 Replies and 3522 Views Search and Rescue Damage  3522  18 Started by  Medulus When handling a fire, it is my experience that insurance carriers generally consider damage done to a structure by the firefighters to be part of the fire loss.  My question is similar, but much more complex.  I would be especially interested in hearing from those who have encountered scenarios like the one I am about to describe while working on Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy.  This is a hypothetical, though I have no doubt that there are many actual claims out there that would fit ...
18 3522
by  MedulusJump to last post
02/07/2013 10:42 AM
10 Replies and 3246 Views Ride along and learn the ropes  3246  10 Started by  dama Hello everyone! I have recently gotten my all lines license and looking to get into the business.  My parents drive the mobile offices and my brother has worked a few of the big storms, which is what got me interested in starting myself.   Being that I have no prior experience I was  planning on applying for Allstate or State Farm as I meet all qualifications and like the idea of training, perks and certificates this avenue can bring, however, I have recently learned about RIDE ...
10 3246
by  HuskerCatJump to last post
02/05/2013 11:03 PM
10 Replies and 3200 Views Adjusters copyrighting work  3200  10 Started by  stormy56 Situation: Some adjusters believe that copyrighting their work will ensure payment from the vendor (adjusting firm). Problem: Copyrighting your work discloses confidential claim information to the public.  Yes, the author/adjuster can claim copyright protection if they are the one who physically creates the work. But in the copyright process, you are disclosing information that the Insured and Carrier likely does not want publically disclosed: private photographs of their house; comments ...
10 3200
by  stormy56Jump to last post
02/02/2013 10:32 AM
12 Replies and 3225 Views Why are Flood Claims so different  3225  12 Started by  paulvon Let me start by saying that I know you have a hard job and I understand that. I am trying to understand why flood claims that have the same damage are treated so different. A row of five town houses are hit by 8 feet of water by Sandy.  The ceiling on the first floor is 8' 3' so it was missed.  The lowest level is slab on grade, it is garage and entrance. Two people who had the same flood coverage structure only are provided with documents showing damage of 6k at one place and 9k at...
12 3225
by  MedulusJump to last post
01/30/2013 9:13 PM
35 Replies and 7222 Views NFIP as the underlying  7222  35 Started by  HuskerCat
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This question is for you that handle flood losses.  I'm now in the boat of handling a couple of 'excess flood' coverage claims.  Having never handled an NFIP loss, I'm not 100 on what may or not be covered.  To explain further, this is a commercial loss.  I've been able to find the personal lines flood coverage form, but not the commercial. And, as an indy inside examiner, you come here or there for the expert answers (um, C Deaton, maybe (see if he's still up, no it's not ...
35 7222
by  Jud G.Jump to last post
01/30/2013 3:59 PM
5 Replies and 4299 Views Cunningham Lindsey not paying  4299  5 Started by  Gsbear Be careful if you are working for Cunningham Lindsey with Sandy. Slow pay or no pay and a lot of bogus excuses like difficulties with processing.
5 4299
by  Tim WienekeJump to last post
01/21/2013 9:03 AM
7 Replies and 13075 Views FEMA Insurance Jobs  13075  7 Started by  Goldust howdy, Does anyone know where to go to sign up for Fema DutyI haven't had much luck on search engine.
7 13075
by  R_SmithJump to last post
01/18/2013 10:07 AM
8 Replies and 3989 Views Adjuster Rights....  3989  8 Started by  AdhusterForAll Hello fellow adjusters, I have been adjusting for over 25 years and have seen a increase in workload without any increase in compensation. Not to mention the complete disregard for you as a person and adjuster. Your safety is being completely disregarded and it's all about profit to the claims company and carriers you are working for. I feel it is time to set some things straight in our industry and stop being taken advantage of by standing together. If you have been in this business for ...
8 3989
by  AcceleratedAdjusterJump to last post
01/15/2013 7:18 PM
84 Replies and 21714 Views Sandy Discussion  21714  84 Started by  Alex_Chernov
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So, here we are Sandy is here.  It is really funny how changing jobs from commission to salary changes the perception. When I was a salaried road warrior, I used to beam with joy while seeing those clowns on Weather Channel acting like it's the end of the world. Now, I am a salaried guy working for a large IA firm and I am frowning at the same TV clowns. And out of all possible places, I am  a staff guy in New York.  So, what is the real damages are going to be it is hard to say. ...
84 21714
by  TorrentialJump to last post
01/10/2013 11:50 PM
17 Replies and 4131 Views Hypothetical Question for Discussion  4131  17 Started by  mcgrawreed   The following is hypothetical but based on actual claims.   Coverage: The insured has an ISO HO-3 with 04/90 endorsement and coverage for sewer/drain backups. Home is insured to 80 of value and maintenance/housekeeping is above average.   Loss: On 01/01, the insured had a backup of the toilet in the guest bathroom and called her contractor. Contractor arrived and cleaned up the sewer water on the tile floor, placed air movers and dehumidifiers for three days, and ran a sna...
17 4131
by  pondmanJump to last post
01/09/2013 10:38 AM
2 Replies and 3174 Views For Adjusters with a year or two under their belts  3174  2 Started by  mxr618 I finished my first calendar year with 380 daily claims and 33 flood claims with Pilot / Allstate. I'm home now and things are slow (at the moment) and I don't do 'slow' well. I signed up for AIC training. I've got the time before storm season starts and one can always learn more to be a better adjuster, right If you are a green adjuster like me, I'd say consider spending the $300 or whatever it is and take the AIC training. Here's why: if your adjusting path is similar to mine with simpl...
2 3174
by  Jud G.Jump to last post
01/09/2013 9:19 AM
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