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Last Post 06/30/2007 11:18 PM by  Gale Hawkins
Team Adjusting and GoToMyPC
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host Founder

06/27/2007 11:43 AM

    I was talking to some teams that adjust claims together about how they help each other and one team indicated that they would get help from their partner who was at  home or some other location by using Go To Mypc.  One example was were the person was on the storm site and while they were out making inspections the partner would connect to the laptop from home and work on the estimates, photos and so on.  Have any other teams tried this? I


    06/27/2007 12:35 PM

    GoToMyPc is just a remote control application.  The same ability can be had from Laplink, PCAnywhere, and the ability is also natively in WindowsXP and Vista.  I do not know what GoToMyPc costs, but Laplink can be had for around $100 for a download and can be used on three computers.

    The downside to the these applications is that they need an empty computer to be remote controlled.  So in the scenario you propose, the only time the non-storm site person could help is when the on-site person is not using the computer.  To make it so that they could both work at one time, one would need another computer, multi-user software and a network of some sort, or to do some fancy file copying between two PC's.  Also these apps come in over a connection of some sort, dial up or high speed.  If you do this at dial up speeds it gets kinda slow.  You must consider the connection requirements when deciding if this is the way to go.

    I have my computer services PC set up with Laplink so I can access it anywhere in the world that I can get an internet connection.  I use it all the time from my house with a 5M/2M cable connection to my office with a 1.5/768 DSL connection.  The remote control thing is slow enough that I usually download the data files, do my work and upload the files to avoid having to do the remote control thing.  I do not use it if I have to dial up to it.  Having said that I have four medical practices as clients that do all their billing from off-site, two use GoToMyPc and two use Laplink.

    So if you only need help when you yourself are not using the computer, this could work.  If you both want to work at the same time, it gets more difficult.


    Jeff Goodman


    06/29/2007 10:20 PM

    Roy, having tried this before... without either digital cellular (only available in sparse in very large cities) or Lan, Or Higher speed satellite system, It is way to slow to be able to perform correctly or effectlively, (tried and failed on several storms, and in several parts of the USA).

    I first tried this in 2001, when the technology was an infant, and thern many other times since. The only time it ever worked is when I was on a higher speed connection.

    I am sure as time passes, and digital technology advances this may be an option, but who knows maybe we will have the new criozads by then!



    R. Estes
    Buford Gonzales

    06/30/2007 9:15 AM
    Try putting a copy of the training Xactimate(free) on you computer at home, copy and ship files to your home and let the wife or helper work on the files and ship them back to you. You cannot get all of Xactimate on a free copy, but you can get enough to help.
    Gale Hawkins
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    06/30/2007 11:18 PM

    One method of using a remote team to assist adjusters in the field that we have seen used over the past nine years is email. One starts the file and emails it to the adjuster who completes the file and emails it back for final processing but there can be many twists as to how this email system can be used in the team adjusting environment. While this is a low tech option that is well proven I would like to pug our higher tech option that just has been released with new features.


    It is called PowerClaim Net Services which is a web based claims management system that is not cost free. It permits one to set up a claim file on the web without the use of estimating software on any computer because it is web based. All you need is Mac/PC or any device that can get you on the internet and type. Once the claim file is set up it can be assigned to any adjuster anywhere in the world that has internet. After the adjuster completes the file using PowerClaim XML then it can be uploaded back to the server so it can be viewed or processed by the carrier, adjusting vendor, TPA, etc. If desired the completed file can be assigned to a remote examiner. As is the case when it is assigned to the initial adjuster the examiner will receive an email stating a claim(s) has been assigned for his review and please log in to accept or reject the assignment.


    Just as with Xactnet and ComCentral you can run analytics 24/7 on the claim files right down to line item pricing deviation reports. There is no set up charge for PowerClaim Net Services and the normal turn around time to have a server based web presents set up for a carrier, vendor or solo adjuster and in place complete with your company logo is 24 hours. There is a one time $5 charge per unique claim file that hits the server but there is no limit as to how many times that file can be accessed or the number of different analytic reports you can run on the claim files.


    PowerClaim Net Services is being offered free (the $5 fee is being waved) though September 30, 2007 to our entire current PowerClaim XML user base and as with PowerClaim XML estimating software we will provide all others interested a complete and full featured 30 day trial of both PowerClaim Net Services and PowerClaim XML. Unlike some other similar solutions you will retain your ownership of the electronic version of your work product, even the claim files completed during you free trial period. Another plus of using a web based CMS is you have a remote copy of your claim files should your computer be stolen or crash that you can pull back down and restore from if needed 24/7.


    As has been the case of the past 10 years your claim files completed during a trial period or as a paying subscriber to PowerClaim XML are accessible to you even if you do not renew your subscription. As an expired user you can’t not start new files or edit old ones but you can view, print, email or data mine any files created while you were an authorized user. You can also import the live claim files into third party claims management systems.


    Note: In our new release of PowerClaim XML and Net Services we have added the ability to move Xactimate estimates over the web (or any other brand including auto or liability claims) saved as PDF file. This is now possible because our Supporting Document feature permits adding any PDF file as an integrated part of the claim file.

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