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Last Post 05/15/2011 1:48 AM by  CatAdjusterX
Is there a future for New Orleans and what cost it's death
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05/14/2011 12:09 AM

    Read the recent aritcle on by Dr Masters on the Old Man River Control system. If the system fails and the Mississippi takes a new route to the gulf, what would the impact be. Gas at $6.00 a gallon and shortages off most goods shipped into New Orleans.  Would the city and Baton Rouge become ghost towns. The next couple fo weeks should answer this, but it would be a disaster beyond imagination and little or none of it would be covered by insurance.

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    05/15/2011 12:30 AM
    One of the many fears associated with opening the gates associated with the Morganza flood control structure is the posibility that the mighty Mississippi will scour a new channel and partially exit into the Gulf at Morgan City. Another flood structure located near the Morganza structure carries this risk, also.
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    05/15/2011 1:48 AM

    It is amazing to see Southern Louisiana once again in the crosshairs of death and destruction.

    Katrina/Rita in 2005

    Gustav 2008

    BP Oil spill 2010 to present

    Mississippi river 2011

    If one takes a good look at New Orleans and surrounding areas, you will understand that the city actually weathered Katrina much better than expected. If not for the levee breaches, this would have been a much smaller event. Waveland, Mississippi took the brundt of Katrina's power and it was around this general area that mother nature herself 100% caused death and destruction.

    All of the rest of Katrina's damage was a combination of 30% mother nature and 70% manmade. The multiple levee breaches and the area with the single most concentration of fatalities is the neighborhood adjacent to the Industrial Canal Levee system. Over 340 people died in a one square mile area. To familiarize you which area I am speaking off, where the gigantic barge smashed through the levee and sat atop 10 homes.

     That entire areas destruction is directly related to the Army Corps of Engineers and the shipping industry.The Industrial Canal Levee system is where the MRGO (Mississippi Gulf River Outlet ) culminates. All storm surge was channeled through the MRGO and amplified the destructive storm surge by 10+  and the first weak point was in the Industrial canal Levee system and we all know the rest.

    The BP Oil spill and now the river. I remember reading about the future of NOLA in the Times Picayune and there were rumors that the foot print of NOLA was going to be reduced by up to 40% and given "back" to nature. That didn't happen however, I strongly believe that in the coming decades NOLA will have a lot in common with the fabled Lost city of Atlantis

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