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      Fully_Loadedreplied to: RE: Mod Bit Damaged or Toast?

      Nope LOL, Typical retarded salesman that is the local "heavy hitter" in the area said it is not the cap sheet but there is hail damage. I just chuckle...

      2 days ago

      Marcusreplied to: RE: Mod Bit Damaged or Toast?

      Spatter looks small.  Also one roll shows many black marks whereas the one next to it does not.  Any other Collateral damage???

      3 days ago

      Fully_Loadedcreated the topic: Mod Bit Damaged or Toast?

      OK I have attached pics of the roof I just looked at, I also included pic of spatter. I am pretty confident that the roof is just toast but I want opi...

      3 days ago

      ntm0272created the topic: Eberls Conference

      Newly licensed (DHS-TX) On Roster

      5 days ago

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            BurnesAdjustingreplied to: RE: Cell Phone Booster?

            If it helps anybody, I went with:
            I got it on Amazon at 479.  I think the prices are set so it doe...

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                AcceleratedAdjusterreplied to: RE: Cougar Paws vs Vans, Airwalks, and Chuck Taylors, etc.

                For 7/12 or less, skater shoes have always been my favorites. Vans, DC, Airwalk.. there are a range of options out there. They stick like glue, as the...

                2 weeks ago

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                    Lindareplied to: RE: Russell E. Doe

                    Russ was a great friend and colleague. He was truly one of a kind; always willing to assist anyone, always a smile on his face and always knew the b...

                    2 weeks ago

                    Roycreated the topic: Russell E. Doe

                    I just found out that a long time CADO member and adjuster Russ Doe pass away on 12/11/2015. He helped me with the CADO Conventions in 2000 and 2001....

                    2 weeks ago

                    RoyHow would you rate the chances of deployment related to the current winter storm? Click Like if you think the chances are good. Otherwise add a comment.

                    2 weeks ago

                    • Frankie CrumHeaded out tomorrow for VA and MD, they told me I would be there a while........
                      get an apartment. I've been home 2-3 weeks and the 'ol lady in this house is getting grumpy. Time to hit the road!2 weeks ago

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