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      stormcrowreplied to: RE: What is an Adjuster good for Anymore?

      An adjuster is good for cannon foder, get some warm bodies on the ground in a large event. Real experience not needed.

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      BurnesAdjustingcreated the topic: Cougar Paws vs Vans, Airwalks, and Chuck Taylors, etc.

      What shoe works best in different circumstances?

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      Akbar Kurzireplied to: RE: What is an Adjuster good for Anymore?

      This information and experience is outstanding and valuable for new Adjuster.
      Thank You

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      Ryan HollenbeckBeware of irresponsible employers. As adjusters we need to communicate our experiences with firms and Carriers to ensure we get treated fairly and fellow adjusters don't have to learn the hard way. Here's my experience with US Cat. ***BEWARE***

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        Ryan Hollenbeckcreated the topic: What is an Adjuster good for Anymore?

        What have we become? Are we still adjusters? Why are we letting the Carriers & 3rd Party firms ruin a oce luturous career?

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              Chris BurnsI am currently only working claims on weekends and off hours( After 5PM), with a little flexibility. With my full time job I have to stay close to Omaha, so I can only work claims in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

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                          RoyNo Tropical activity in the Central Pacific, Eastern Pacific or the Atlantic, does it look the season is over?

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                            We are insurance adjusters that travel the world handling claims from natural and man-made catastrophes.