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                Tim Wieneke, AICreplied to: RE: What state licenses should an adjuster have?

                I got the NY license and of the 14 licenses I've gotten, it is the most difficult.  I don't know if California is harder.  Having th...

                4 days ago

                Rebeccareplied to: RE: What state licenses should an adjuster have?

                I have my NY License and you want to know how difficult it is to obtain.  I believe it depends on your Persistence.  Independent Ins...

                5 days ago

                SpartanCATreplied to: RE: Rope Access Standards for Pitched Roofing Systems

                Where, other than Texas, can an individual be ACRABAT trained? I live in Michigan but am very interested in getting this training. Thanks in ...

                1 week ago

                SpartanCATreplied to: RE: Steep Roof - Rope and Harness

                Is anyone aware of any rope and harness training courses in the salt lake city, Utah area?

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                            ChrisI have recently discovered my love for weather since becoming an adjuster

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