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Ashlee ArntzSelf employed catastrophe adjuster, with over three years of experience, handling first party property claims. Experienced in Flood, General Property, RCBAP and Dwelling claims. Successful in adjusting claims according to applicable laws and police

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            Dale Strain replied to: RE: Xactimate 28 questions

            Chase, Regarding the FCN # - you need to go to into the estimate and then to Insured Info>Personnel>Claim Rep>Edit Claim Rep and enter your FCN numb...

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              James O'Brienreplied to: RE: Introducing EquiX

              Just to update. We are adding home & office furniture and home electronics/cameras/computers categories for those that do residential claims and would...

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                You might want to consider what kind of adjuster you plan to be: daily or catastrophe? Thank you for your quick and informative response. That is...

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                    Andrew Kasnik Cleveland OhioWind and Hail expertize. 4Th. year adjuster

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                        Chase Wagnercreated the topic: Xactimate 28 questions

                        Hello everyone. 
                        I am new to Xactimate software coming from Simsol. I am trying to figure out how to attach my FCN number to the final report on...

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                        Yes, you can make more than that, and yes, you will put in a lot of 80+ hour weeks to do so. The upside is that your time as an IA is rewarded with bi...

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                            Boom and oil slick
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                            We are insurance adjusters that travel the world handling claims from natural and man-made catastrophes.