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Alaska Independent Adjuster Licensing Information

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Alaska Independent Adjuster Licensing Information

Independent Adjuster

An independent adjuster represents the interests of the insurer.

You need an independent adjuster license to adjust claims on behalf of an insurer that is not your employer.

See AS 21.27.830.

Reciprocal Nonresident License

You are required to hold an independent adjuster license in your home state to qualify for a reciprocal license.

If your home state does not offer an independent adjuster authority, you will need to pass the Alaska Adjuster exam, and Alaska will be your designated home state.

Experience Requirement

If you have been an Alaska-licensed independent adjuster in good standing within the previous four calendar years, you meet the experience requirement.

Resident Experience Requirement

If you don’t meet the above requirement, you need to have at least six months’ active working experience within the previous two calendar years as one of the following:

  • independent adjuster trainee
  • insurance producer
  • managing general agent
  • reinsurance intermediary broker
  • reinsurance intermediary manager
  • surplus lines broker
  • independent adjuster
  • underwriter or claims adjuster employee of an insurer

See AS 21.27.830.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

You may adjust workers’ comp claims under the casualty authority of an independent adjuster license – no additional license is required.

Adjuster Licensing Exemptions

An independent adjuster license is not required if:

  • You are a staff adjuster and adjust claims on behalf of your employer, an admitted insurer.
  • You are contracted to pursue an insurer’s subrogation rights following its payment of an insured’s claim and not involved in investigating and adjusting the loss. See Bulletin B93-08.
  • You are an Alaska-licensed producer or managing general agent who holds an appointment with an admitted insurer and adjust claims for them.
  • You are an Alaska-licensed surplus lines broker who adjusts claims for a non-admitted insurer.
  • You are an Alaska-licensed reinsurance intermediary broker or reinsurance intermediary manager adjusting claims under contract for an insurer or reinsurer.

Single Loss and Catastrophe Provisions

Submit 08-227 to register to adjust a single loss or losses arising out of a catastrophe.

An independent adjuster license is not required if: you hold a nonresident independent adjuster license in good standing in your home state, you are adjusting a single loss or losses arising out of a catastrophe declared by the director, and you notify the director in writing of the adjustment within 10 days.

See AS 21.27.860(a).

(the above is from the state website, please see the link below and be sure to check for updates or changes)


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