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Last Post 09/02/2011 1:33 PM by  Leland
FEMA uses "Waffle House" Index
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09/02/2011 1:33 PM

    As a Californian I am deprived of Waffle Houses and miss them greatly, especially the hash browns with everything on top I used to eat many mornings before crossing Lake Ponchartrain into New Orleans.

    I just completed an Iron-Butt challenge driving from Southern California to Galveston and back.  On the way through West Texas I was drifting off at 5 am and asked my wife to take the wheel so I could sleep. So naturally I told her to stop at the first Waffle House she saw. Unfortunately she took me quite literally and figured IHOP wasn't good enough to wake me up. So no breakfast for 500 miles. Sad to say I never got to a Waffle house my entire trip.

    Back her in SoCal I was surprised to see this article. Apparently FEMA  also likes Waffle House, using a propietary "Waffle House Index" to calculate the severity of Hurricanes. If the Waffle House is closed it is a VERY BAD storm.



    P.S. Due to a security check I left a folding pocket knife outside of a building in Galveston. I forgot to pick it up when I left. If there's anybody in Galveston send me a private message and I will tell you where I hid it and it's yours to keep.

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