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Last Post 12/06/2006 10:26 PM by  Dimechimes
State Licensing-im losing my mind
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12/06/2006 4:31 PM
    I reside in Virginia, where it is not necessary to be licensed as a claims adjuster.  I need to get a state license to handle claims for a specific i/a.  I have searched the forums and have not found any answers/suggestions.

    My reserach, via the net, shows that i can apply as a Non-resident.  If i have read correctly, the Texas License is $450??.  Does anybody know of any other states that are cheaper?? Did i read correctly that there is an internet class in Florida that can be used in lieu of a state license??

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again.
    host Founder

    12/06/2006 7:26 PM
    Here is a link to the CADO Licensing page, you will find a link to all DOI web sites and some additional information.  I had a document somewhere on the site that I believe would help you I will see if I can find it and post a link to it.  I do not believe there is a class that you can take that will take the place of a License.  There are some pre-licensing classes that will help you get the license.

    12/06/2006 10:24 PM

    I had received this notice this week from Dr Birzon of University of Central FL about the Fl online program which was the first I'd heard of this online class also. It is held by the University of Central FL. Here is the copy of the email received. You will have to call them to find out if it applies to the Fl Non Resident or if it is for residents only.


    Certified as the Leader In Adjuster Training in Florida!!!
    (Based on sales of the Adjuster Study Manual-Source FAIA)

    University of Central Florida
    In Partnership With
    Florida Insurance University

    Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation
    Training Adjusters For:

    The Hartford, AmComp, FCCI-Group, Wausau,
    Crawford & Co., Met-Life, Pilot Catastrophe, AIG, Liberty Mutual,
    Colonial Claims, Progressive Insurance, Oasis Outsourcing,
    Bell Corp.,St Paul/Travelers, Mercury Insurance,
    The Zenith, Tortura & Co., Atlanta Casualty Group,
    York-STB,Windsor Group, Infinity Group, NCA Group
    Kemper, GAB Robins, Budget Rental, Unisource,
    Lupfer-Frakes, Claims Control, Inc., Geico, Pueblo,
    Allstate, SCS Associates, ClaimsCo International, Inc.
    PBOA, Inc., Federated Insurance, JNR Adjustment Co.,
    Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc., ISAC Claims,
    Chubb, Safeco, CNA and Re-Employment Services

    At Home Study Guide...User Friendly...Take this course at home and get
    your 3-20/
    5-20/6-20 All Lines License without taking the State Exam!

    This is the Manual which contains the Assignments, Open Book Tests, and
    most importantly, the out-line that directs you to each and every page
    of The Adjuster Study Manual that you need to read to answer the
    required questions.

    This At-Home Study Course allows you to obtain your All Lines Adjuster
    License without taking the state licensing test. Just follow the new
    easy-to-study Accredited Claims Adjuster Manual which outlines exactly
    what you need to know to pass the Open Book Exams included in the book!
    It could not be easier! During your training, you will have the
    opportunity to analyze a real-life claim which will test your knowledge
    of the concepts and principles taught in this course.

    Tuition: $329 + shipping(ACA Test Materials)

    (Text Book-The FL Adjuster Study Manual 16th Edition Not Included/Cost
    $35 + shipping/tax)

    (407) 927-1235


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    12/06/2006 10:26 PM
    Additional note- reading the material again on the link it says it applies to resident and non resident licenses but as Roy said you need to check the state web site as there are other options for those with a license in their home state.
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