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Last Post 01/12/2007 5:32 PM by  Ray Hall
Training - Winter Claims
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host Founder

10/16/2006 6:14 PM

    This is a forum transfer, posted by Sally Davidson,


    "Would someone please tell me whom (adjusting firms, insurance companies)  offers winter storm training?  "


    10/17/2006 12:10 AM


    I say this with all sincerity and do not want you to take offense to my comments.  However, they may be perceived to be harsh.

    Winter claims training?  You can find information about ice dams on the web, but other than that there are pretty much the same scenarios for property claims dealing with reconstruction because of collapse, water leak, falling object, power failure, etc.  The policies are pretty specific on coverage because these claims are not unique.  There may be from time to time a tricky scenario, but for the most part it is all the same.  If you know construction methods and know how to read the policy, you should not have any problems. 

    Now, I am going to throw a question out there to ya.  Why do you think there are so many "adjuster training schools" now?  There used to not be, why now?  Is it almost like the internet bubble in 99 or the housing bubble in 86?  Now it very well may be the adjuster bubble in.....fill in the blank.

    Set this aside.  There is a need for good, qualified people to rotate in as people rotate out of this business.  The question is how many and are you willing to go through the lean years? 

    Take care and if you ever need any help, you can pm me. 


    The comment about the training schools is not directed toward anyone in particular, but just an opinion of industry wide observation.  In addition, especially not directed to those just really trying to help folks come along in the wonderful world of IAs.  Finally, the above is stated from the heart with lots of love and care.  Good luck out there!


    10/18/2006 3:17 PM
    LOL, nice disclaimer Tom. As far as winter storm training, best to get an Mentor to teach you. please see to try and find a mentor.......... hope this helps?
    R. Estes
    Tom Rongstad

    01/12/2007 2:26 PM

    In an attempt ta assist with some advise in adjusting winter storms I submit the following:

    You need to pay attention is to the employed controlling form. Homeowners 2 is a named peril policy, which requires an openning created which allowed the interior water intrusion during the thaw.

    I have seen many of the "2's" sold by agents, in an attempt to reduce premiums, then when the dam damn occurs, it is not covered. With 3's - no problem with coverage to the dwelling damages. Beware of contents although, damages to contents is covered by named perils, unless endorsed to make the Unscheduled Personal Property - All Risk.

    Collapse due to weight of ice & snow is covered.

    Do not climb roofs with ice on them.

    Do Not park in snow drifts or large piles of snow.

    Carry a bag a salt and snow shovel in your car.

    Always have a full tank of gas, fill up at half empty.

    Wear warm clothes and have extra in the car should a breakdown occur and you are there for hours. I also carried a small propane heater for back-up - never needed it.

    Do not eat yellow snow.

    I also maintained a life time warranty on my vehicle alignment. When too much snow builds up on the underside, I would go that nationwide provider and state "something is wrong with my alignment" They would then thaw my car out for free, and off I'd go, unitl next week.

    Have fun

    Founding Member

    01/12/2007 5:21 PM
    Always carry a coffee can 1/3 filled with sand and a candle.

    Take off the lid, light the candle and you can heat a car for 8+ hours. thats just in case all else fails.
    "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new... Albert Einstein"
    Ray Hall
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    01/12/2007 5:32 PM
    If you have the broad coverage.... its risky as a second trip may be necessary; however you can see the inside damage (when they get off work) Best to make these at daybreak, but you all know this by now.
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