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Last Post 03/18/2007 12:44 PM by  host
New High Tech Camera
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03/09/2007 3:46 PM
    Just came back from Techno 2007 Expo and was shown a camera that actually gives you the wall and floor dimension.  It works by snapping initial picture of calibration tool (provided) ,beside an object and then entering dimension as base. It accurately provides dimensions within 3" of item taken as walls, roofs, and floors.  Has anyone used this before or seen it used?  At the Expo they were shooting display walls and coming within 2" of actual.  Think its made by Nikon or something like that?
    Ray Hall
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    03/09/2007 4:11 PM
    Does not appear it will be good for insurance work. Must use the nearest inch mark.

    03/09/2007 6:41 PM
    >>Think its made by Nikon or something like that?<<

    That's not particularly helpful. It's not a hardware platform, it's a software application.
    I thought you were an IT guy? (
    "I have 10 years IT..."  RE: Some work coming up - maybe )
    This may be what you saw:    http://www.iphotomeasure.com/

    Deb (Dimechimes) posted this link at ClaimSmentor on February 8th.
    Lee Norwood, aka "CATdawg"
    CatAdjuster.org Founder

    03/18/2007 12:44 PM

    There is a thread on this site for that software, started by Gale, here is a link to that thread;


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