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Last Post 04/20/2020 4:35 AM by  joefriday2
Siding Matching/Color
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04/13/2020 3:07 PM
    How do you handle original vs faded color on a siding claim and a potential repair? If the original color/product is available and the rest of the siding is faded do you go with the original color/product, or do you try and go with a color that matches the faded color? If you go with the original color it should over time fade to the existing faded siding, where the faded siding match color will fade over time and at some point will not match the existing faded color. What do you recommend to the homeowner?

    04/20/2020 4:35 AM
    What kind of siding are you talking about? Vinyl? Hardiplank? Painted? Aluminum? Masonite? Wood? T-111? Stained? Unpainted?

    If the siding is painted, the standard to to paint the entire elevation on a repair. If that elevation is noticed from more than one angle then you might have to paint the exterior of the entire house. It's going to depend on the carrier and the policy. Remember our job is to get them back into the pre-loss condition the most reasonable way we can.

    If the siding is vinyl, then you would need to establish to what degree of fading you are dealing with. I have not seen a lot of fading on vinyl siding, but I have had to replace an entire elevation because the new siding was not compatible with the existing siding.

    I have had to replace aluminum siding on an entire home with vinyl because the damaged aluminum siding (one elevation) was not available.

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