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Last Post 07/01/2014 5:13 AM by  rwheeling
Is Catastrophe Adjusting the Career for You?
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07/01/2014 5:13 AM

    Mother Nature doesn't know about recessions!

    Have you been thinking outside the box...or cubicle? Are you looking for a new career that combines travel, adventure, and extraordinary pay, while assisting people who have sustained substantial loss from weather-related events? Have you considered becoming a catastrophe adjuster?

    Eric Gilkey, Editor-In-Chief of ClaimsMagazine, writes "Most prospective catastrophe adjusters have the same questions: 'How do I become a catastrophe adjuster?' and 'What is the job really like?' Ms. Meyer answers these questions and many more in a book rife with useful insights and anecdotes. If you are looking to start a career in independent catastrophe adjusting, this should be your first stop."


    Get a feel for what a cat adjuster's day-to-day life on the road is really like before investing in pricey "nuts and bolts" manuals, . CAT TALES & TIPS: Is Catastrophe Adjusting the Career for You? highlights job strategies which will increase the likelihood that you have a successful experience if you choose to embark upon this exciting career option. 

    Learn more http://randicat1.hubpages.com/hub/I...er-for-You


    We are committed to helping Catastrophe Adjusters in the field be more organized, efficient and productive. http://www.scheduleit.org/ Call today at 515-44 CLAIM
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