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Last Post 10/12/2016 11:02 AM by  Goldust
Discontinued Shingles
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01/03/2013 5:55 AM

    I'm sure many of you have come across this (or will) at some point in your career.  This may help some of the newer guys out there when determining repair vs. replacement for a risk roof.  There are so many different discontinued shingles out there that it would be too difficult for any single person to list.  In your travels, what are the most common types of shingles that have been discontinued that you have noticed?

     For me, it would be:

    Owens Corning - Prominence

    • This is a faux-laminate shingle.  Meaning that the shingle gives the appearance of a dimensional grade shingle, but is truly a 3-tab shingle.
    • This is discontinued for "unique wear characteristics"
      • Note: shingle manufacturers hate it when we call their shingles "defective" to the insureds.
    • I often refer to these shingles as "hail damaged out of the box".
      • The faux-laminate strip wears off almost immediately.  Giving the appearance of hail damage.
      • DO NOT BUY THESE SHINGLES FOR HAIL DAMAGE ON THE FAUX-LAMINATE STRIP!  If there really is hail damage to this shingle, look for it elsewhere on the shingle. Key-ways are a God send!

    Colonial Slate Chateau Green Charcoal Driftwood Sienna Blend

    Certainteed - Hearthstead

    • Easily identified by unique key-ways.
      • Key-ways start out wide and then narrow.
    • Is a 4-tab shingle.
    • Have a strong shadow line.


    If you find either of these shingles on a roof, I like to play a game called "find the missing shingle". because if you are missing just 1 shingle on this type of roof you can toast the whole thing for the shingle not being available due to discontinued with no like kind quality available. (consult with your manager) Likewise can be said for hail damage on these shingles.


    10/18/2013 9:20 PM
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    10/24/2013 12:04 AM
    I don't run across this much, ever. As an adjuster, I make the call on what I suggest. If I think repair is a good option I recommend it with a repair factor based on the condition. If a roofer challenges my judgment I will recommend to the client to make payment of the undisputed amount and call in an engineer. Then if the engineer says repair, I ITEL it. Takes the argument out.

    10/27/2013 8:07 AM
    Has anyone run into "horsefeather strips" lately ? Roof claim has wind damage to the front slope only. The slope has 2 layers of asphalt, one layer of wood shingle. My thought is to remove the two layers of asphalt, leave the wood, apply horsefeather strips ( feathering strips ) and apply the new shingles. The roof currently has a 3 tab on it now. If a 3 tab is layed on a wood shinlge it will imprint, this is what the feathering strips prevent. I remember using them last in the late 70's early 80's. I have asked my local lumber yard. My old timer friends there remember them but haven't sold them in years. I have not been able to find them in Xacitmate. An internet search came up zero. I met with the roof contractor on site and mentioned them to him. He is a young guy and looked at me cross eyed like i was joking until i explained it to him. I know most people are using laminated shingles these days and this is not a problem but some people must still be using 3 tabs and have this issue. Anyone run into this and have any thoughts / ideas ???

    10/12/2016 11:02 AM

      I believe you should strip the roof down to decking and start over with new felt and one layer of new architectural shingles.

    The wood shingles will not make a good nailable surface and the wood shingles were already in bad shape when they were overlayed with the 3 tab shingles. If you look closely at the 3 tabs you will probably find nails coming through the 3tab shingles from the wood shingles. An overlay is never a good idea!

      As for discontinued shingles you have to give the insured a like kind & quality shingle to replace what they had. We replace 3 tab shingles with architectural 30 year shingles as they are the closest shingles from what the insured had.

       It will depend on what state you are in if you have to match what the insured had or not.That is something you have to know.

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