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Last Post 05/08/2012 4:33 PM by  AcceleratedAdjuster
Question via Email: Coverage for wind or hail damage to a building when it is over a body of water
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CatAdjuster.org Founder

05/07/2012 1:55 PM
    I received the following question via the CADO Feedback form and thought I would start posting some of the feedback questions I receive instead of answering them.  Roy

    "Question, Suggestion or Comment: Is there any coverage for wind or hail damage to a building when it is over a body of water. Is it an exclusion or just no coverage in a HO3 North Carolina policy."

    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    05/07/2012 10:17 PM
    I have no personal experience with North Carolina claims, but as is so often the case with coverage questions, we need more info. What form exactly? (number and date).

    I did find this on the internet:

    This Beach HO-3 for North Carolina homeowners, is designed specifically for those homes inside the wind pool area, as it is written excluding wind. It can be written either Primary or Secondary, with up to 30 weeks of rental exposure. Maximum Coverage A of $1.5 million. Rate it on our website or call one of our personal lines underwriters for a quote at 1-800-xxx-xxxx.

    So it appears that there are "Beach HO3" forms that go together with North Carolina Wind Pool coverages. It looks like you could have a policy with the wind pool (maybe a DP 001 form? HO2??) to cover wind, and a second policy called a "Beach HO3" to cover things like theft and plumbing leaks, but not wind (???).

    I think the North Carolina version of the wind pool might be called: North Carolina Joint Underwriters Association.

    In California we call that second policy a DIC policy, or "Difference in Condition". The DP 001 is issued from our version of a pool, and those homeowners that want extra coverage buy an HO3 with an endorsement that excludes any of the perils covered by the DP1. So basically the homeowner has an HO3 that has certain coverages (fire, wind, riot, vehicle) stripped off. The DIC policy is specifically designed to complement the basic DP1 coverage, and mentions the DP1 carrier by name.

    So back to the original question: what kind of HO3? The basic form, or a North Carolina "Beach HO3"? Is there more than one policy? What endorsements?

    An adjuster from North Carolina could give a MUCH BETTER guess than I can. But without knowing more details, I bet a NC adjuster would also need to guess at the answer.

    Does the standard HO3 in NC excude wind damage to structures over water? I have never seen an HO3 do that.

    I found a random HO3 (June 2006 edition) on the internet and searched the entire document for the word "water". I didn't find anything about structures over water. I did find some exclusions for "other structures" that were rented out (if not scheduled) and "other structures" used for business.

    Please give us the form numbers and endorsements, and maybe an adjuster from NC can chime in.

    Or maybe Chuck D. can tell us, because like Johnny Cash, "he's been everywhere".


    05/08/2012 4:33 PM
    If it's an HO3, wind or hail damage should be covered in NC. NCJUA/NCJIA use standard HO3 forms, and to my experience, these policies are pretty inclusive, and I have never heard of wind or hail damage being excluded from these policies. When on the beach, one generally sees anywhere from a 1%-3% deductible for wind or named storms, but that's not really an exclusion, even if the smaller wind losses rarely meet the deductible.
    How exactly is the risk "over water"? Is it a house boat, or is it on a bridge, or cantilevered?
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