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Last Post 08/05/2011 12:59 PM by  Ray Hall
Advice for Upcoming Evaluation, Etc
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08/02/2011 7:51 PM

    Hello Everyone.  After looking around this forum for a while, I realize that it can be kind of risky for an aspiring adjuster to post...  But I have a few questions.  I recently got my Texas adjusting license, took the Amcat Basic Adjuster course, and then was invited back to get emergency USAA certified.  Have lots of experience in roofing, some construction.

    I'm scheduled to take the week long evaluation at Pilot's Mobile location soon, and I just registered for the State Farm certification through Eberl. 

    Question 1: If any of you have been through the Pilot evaluation, how can I best prepare myself for it?

    Question 2: What should I do to prepare for the SF certification?  Do you think the SF test will be similar to the USAA test?

    One more question: other than USAA and SF, what other insurance companies would you all recommend being certified by?  That is, what three or four should I focus on next?  

    Much thanks.


    Ray Hall
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    08/05/2011 12:59 PM

     Mark I would take all three of these venders up  on thier offer. This base will get you out into the first storm. Most of these test are math or construction related. They really just want to see you up close and how you carry yourself. If one of these three do not hire you if a harricane hits this year, Give up.

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