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Last Post 10/20/2010 6:39 PM by  host
The Status Board
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CatAdjuster.org Founder

10/20/2010 6:39 PM
    Using the Status Board is another way to provide information on your availability and can be used an additional way to promote yourself.

    The Status Board is part of the National Adjuster Roster.  To add your status you just need to login and edit your Roster listing.

    Here is some information on the fields on the form related to the Status.

    • Add Current Status: This is a check box question with Yes or No options.
      • Yes - if you select Yes your status will be displayed on the Status Board.
      • No - if you select No your status will not be displayed on the Status Board, but your Roster Listing is still viewable.
    • Enter Status:  This a drop down list that provides the following choices;
      • Deployed - Select Deployed if you are an IA currently deployed on a Cat Assignment, this is normally an indication that since you are currently on assignment you are not available deployment at this time. You can use the Status Comments field to provide additional details on your currently and\or information on when you may be available. 
      • Working -  Select Working if you are an IA currently working Daily Claims or other claims on a non-cat event
      • Employed - Select Employed if you are a Staff Adjuster or an IA in a full time position, this is an indication that you are not available for deployment.
      • Ready for Deployment - Select this option if you are currently available for assignment. This allows potential employers to contact you via the information provided or via or the contact form that is attached to your listing, this allows you to receive emails without exposing your email address to spam bots.  A person must also login to use the form and view additional details related to your Roster listing.   Based on the feedback I have received Employers do use this contact form.  
    • Status Comments - This is a text box that allows you to provide additional information on your current assignment, your experience, if you can travel or not, what kind of work you are looking for, i.e. Daily Claims in the Houston area and so on.
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