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Last Post 06/21/2010 5:17 PM by  Ray Hall
Definition of cash in transit
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06/08/2010 12:27 AM
    The accounting definition of "cash in transit" appears to be cash that has left the business and not yet shown up in the bank account.
    So for accounting it doesn't seem like cash has to be actually moving.
    What is the insurance definition?  If the cash is in a box in the trunk of a car, and the driver stops to go to the bathroom, I would think that the cash is still
    "in transit" during the bathroom break.
    But what if the driver stops at his house, sleeps overnight, and continues or intends to continue to the bank the next day. Is this still cash "in transit"?
    Ray Hall- I bet you have handled a lot of these cash thefts, please advise.

    06/20/2010 9:25 PM
    If you have a standard ISO form, it may specify that the cash must be at the insured's business, bank or home of somebody authorized to have the cash, or in transit between the listed locations.  A stop on the way to the bank, such as a restroom stop, would still be in transit.  I don't know how many claims I've paid where the money bag was left on the seat during a quick stop and big surprise, it was stolen.
    If the cash stops overnight, I would not consider it "in transit" unless I had a definition of "in transit" that included property in a vehicle without restriction that it be moving.  The are frequently special provisions for property stolen from "unattended vehicles", which would apply rather than in transit coverage.
    It all boils down to which terms are defined and any other terms that might be more applicable, such as "unattended vehicle" as opposed to "in transit"
    Ray Hall
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    06/21/2010 5:17 PM
    I can not think of a "Commercial Package Policy" that has broad money coverage. This is usually written on a "Crime Policy". I agree with the first poster. On some losses in the past like a very large dance hall with thousands of $$ to be deposited @ 2:00 AM the club manager or the ast. manager must drive their car direct to the night deposit, with the off duty local police following the $$ until the night deposit gives the receipt.
    Stopping for  a bath room, coffee break is NOT allowed, but the warranty language. If the deposit bag is not accurate the bank people are called in FBI and the bank employees are looked as as well as the employees. I have had some stores that had a counter to cash checks in the past with a clerk. The store owner usually picked the person in the cage, by their sex of choice. In have seen  a male owner with 6 females in 6 different cages. Their rent was paid as part of their Mutual perks" The bank deposits were by armed car, who left as much cash as the check deposits.
    If the cage cashier was robbed by armed bandits, they gave up all the bills and keep all the checks. All you had to do was start with the cash at start and sub tract all the checks and cash register vouchers for the starting drawer day to determine the cash stolen...... wrong..... unless the check out stands were also robbed.
    This insured like to carry a large wad of cash. He would go to store no 1, go in the locked cage give the cashier a loving pat and hand her a check from an obscure account for $10.000.00 with the bold letters HOLD and he had his large wad again. When the checks began to get dog eared from being counted as $10.000.00 bills(long time ago). He would replace with a later dated check. Well it was a family corp. and his wife and in-laws trusted him.On his 3rd robbery the insurance hounds got on the case as the same adjuster worked all three and all seemed "odd". Now this is not a case of follow the money, its just good old adjusting 101.9. Follow the ex-cage cashiers, whose local is know by present employees.
    The standing orders were: If you are robbed tear up the hold checks (s) and one cashier cage cash check out for one sick employee. This is when I learned that a large dose if Valium will screw up the  lie detector and the poor guy died with a heart attack before we got our $$ back. But, we did not cause it, I swear.
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