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Last Post 05/15/2010 2:35 AM by  Leland
tree removal per man hour rates
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05/14/2010 7:38 PM
    IM trying to find out what is the range of per man hour paid on tree removal on very large claims and very high risks?
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    05/15/2010 12:16 AM
    Your fishing again. 72tree. Just like the last time you were on here questioning us. You posted a similar post under a different name earlier today.  In that post you are claiming to be an adjuster.
    Ray Hall
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    Senior Member

    05/15/2010 12:52 AM
    You are an idiot if you think any tree monkey is worth 200 per man hour.
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    05/15/2010 2:35 AM
    Just for fun I googled "labor rates for tree removal"

    here's one posting form a forum on "" which appears to be the tree removal contractors' equivalent of


    Default Tree Removal Cost
    A lot of customers call on the phone and want you to give them a ball park figure of what a tree cost. You try to tell them you really need to see all of the circumstances of the tree but they want you to price it over the phone. Here are some general cost figures.

    Cost to remove a pine tree up to 14 inches in diameter around $300
    Pine tree 14 to 20 inches $400 to $600
    Pine tree 20 to 24 inches $750 to $900
    Pine tree over 24 inches $1000 to as much as $3000 depending on size and location
    Hardwood trees add a couple hundred dollars to all of the prices above
    Stump Grinding 1-3 dollars per inch depending on location quantity and rocky soils.
    Debris hauling $300 to $500 dollars per load depending on dumpster or Grapple Trucks size.
    Dump Fees $75 to $200 dollars per load depending on location and cubic yards.
    Log pick up $75 dollars to Free depending on quantity and quality of logs
    Tree Trimming $75 minimum put a man in a tree.
    Average Tree Trimming Medium to large Tree $300 Can be as much a $1000 for a Huge Oak
    Managing Emergency Tree Removal from structures will average 3 times regular cost. More if cranes or needed. Crane rental can add $900 to $1200 dollars cost to any project.
    Most tree companies have a $300 to $400 minimum to send out a crew for any project.
    A crew usually consist of 3 to 5 people with all need support equipment
    For hourly bid projects Rates vary from about $78 to $94 per man hour times number of crew members and includes all equipment.
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