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Last Post 03/19/2010 10:52 AM by  JimGary
Need Advice
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03/19/2010 10:14 AM

    I was recently accepted by a company and placed on their roster as an active adjuster.  I had access to the adjuster portal, etc.  I looked on their site randomly 2 weeks ago and noticed on the training schedule that they were having a one day seminar on perspective employees.  I inquired with the company as to whether it would benefit me to attend.  Company stated that although I was already on their roster, it wouldn't hurt for  me to attend, but it wasn't neccessary.  I went, participated in all parts, and was told that I was already at a point where they would send me out as a helper for 30-60 days.  Yesterday, received a letter from said company that I was not invited to continue on in the certification process and attend their IDL.  Well.....already did that last NOV and got SF certified.  I tried to log onto the portal and it said my account was inactive.  What should I do at this point......fight for what I was told, or move on and mark it up as a lost cause. I went to this voluntarily, paid to travel, and it got me taken off of their roster?


    03/19/2010 10:52 AM
    Welcome to the cat world.

    I would certainly inquire why. Sounds like something may have gone awry. You will be the first I have heard of to be "bumped" off a list. A lot of vendors will keep you on their list just for the #'s, just never call you. Companies do have the right to qualify you, based on background checks, credit checks, experience etc. If all those are good, its probably just someone who hit the wrong key on the keyboard. Just call and speak to someone in HR, find out whats going on.
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