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Last Post 05/31/2011 8:22 AM by  Ray Hall
Does anyone know about Diamond National Adjusting?
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01/15/2010 8:49 AM

    Good Morning Everyone.


        I have been offered 2 separate opportunities to gain daily claims to work.  One offer has come from a well known adjusting firm out of Dallas, however it appears that he has12 other people to do daily claims along the Gulf Coast so I am not sure if I will get enough claims on a monthly basis to support myself.  The other opportunity has come from a firm out of Kansas named "Diamond National Adjusting".  I did a Google search on Diamond National and I found their standing with the Better Business Bureau.  It stated that they have only been members of the BBB since 10/08/2009.  Due to this discovery I decided to post this forum question to see if anyone either works for Diamond or knows about them. 


        I kind of feel like I am between a rock and a hard spot in this decision.  On the one hand the well known adj. firm has several people to do claims and then I am not sure if the other firm is well established or will even be able to give me enough claims.


        Any help anyone can provide me will be appreciated.  I just want to make the right decision at this point.








    05/30/2011 6:20 PM
    Caveat: I realize this is an old post, and I'm bumping it, but there's not a lot of info out there about this company (at least that I've seen).

    The good: They paid me on time, every time, and it was the amount agreed upon.

    For this, they deserve some serious credit compared to many of the yahoos I've worked for in years past.

    The bad: They claimed some serious numbers on volume. In reality, I got less than a quarter of what they said I would get.

    I can understand not seeing the volume that a firm claims when they are talking to you initially. They're talking pie-in-the-sky figures to get you on board, and looking at best-case months from past history. But there's a HUGE difference between, say 20 claims a week, and 4 claims a week actual. This is not my first trip to the rodeo. I tend to take whatever figure I hear and cut it in half. I did this, but, wow, I didn't even get that.

    Additionally, communication is difficult. They will definitely be all over you when you want something, but when you call looking for info, don't expect a quick turnaround time. I also did not personally care for how much they modified my sheets after I sent them in, but that is a personal thing with me. You either trust me to be your adjuster and write a good sheet, or tell me to revise it and why. Far too many of their changes wound up sitting on supplements, and I got to explain to the jobber why my sheet was so screwy compared to what was needed. I got to the point where I would ask the repairer for a copy of my sheet, because I knew it was going to be radically different from what I wrote.

    In short, they pay when they say, what they say, so they're better than many (IIA, I'm looking at you). They did not screw me out of one red cent (that I'm aware of). That part rocked. They just never even got close to the volume they said they totally had. In the entire time I wrote for them, my average stayed at 25% of expected volume, and my highest week never got above half. So if you do decide to work for these folks, take their volume estimates with a 50lb bag of halite.

    Disclosure: I resigned, and no longer write for them. Volume dropped to the point where it was actively costing me money to write for DNA. I'm not trying to slag DNA. I'm sure many of their adjusters are very happy with them, and, as I've said, they pay when they say they will. It was just not an economically feasible thing to keep doing.
    Ray Hall
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    05/31/2011 8:22 AM

     This is about cat. claims and regular property claims. I started over 50 years ago as a staff adjuster and worked from 5 insurnace carriers in the next 17 years as a staff adjuster on both auto-casualty and property claims. In the next 30 years I had my own five person shop in Houston and worked for several IA firms National and Local firms in my hometown.

    Cat. adjusters, storm troopers have been around longer than the Texas City Explosion in 1948. My total loss auto claim from a hurricane was settled by an IA in 1953 in New London, CN.

    I have seen a lot of changes in my time in claims work and have just been been told by a 20 year State Farm Auto Adjuster that she will not move to Austin when they close all the Houston Claims offices and move all the TX. claims to Austin, WOW.

    Last week i said I could work a HO-3 total loss from home with the new programs and Tec. All of you good adjusters who have a good back ground in investigation, asking the right questions, helping people explain the loss to YOU, just like the old FIRE adjusters were trained to do when all they had to photo  was a pile of ashes.

    On another topic of a storm adjuster who wants to do regular work from home on his.her down time. A large group of people are now in this biz. some good some sorry, just like the people who seek these jobs, I have been on that side for five years and its not cat. work its much more detailed scopes and report writing than closed files

    My best advise is to keep reading good files and check your spelling and all of your paper work All of us can impove this skills each year. Take some CIC and PRA courses if this is a life time job.

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