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Last Post 07/27/2009 7:40 PM by  Mike Smith
Getting an adjuster's license...
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06/22/2009 3:19 PM

    Hello everyone. I've been thinking of getting into the adjusting field for years now, and would like to get my license now. Has anyone out there used 1st Choice Training, and if so, would you recommend them?

    Thanks in advance.



    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    06/22/2009 9:03 PM
    There's so many threads and comments on training that you could make a suit from them.

    Use the search function
    Larry D Hardin
    Mike Smith

    07/27/2009 7:40 PM

    As the last guy said, you can probably find these answers on other threads, but...

    You talking about the online course or the in-person class?

    Getting your license and knowing how to adjust are two totally different things. I could get my cat licensed if he had bigger fingerprints.

    But, getting back to your specific question, I've done one of 1st Choice's online licensing classes, and it served it's purpose of getting the pre-licensing done, but I can't say I learned much from it. But I've been adjusting for 9 years, so maybe I wasn't paying attention. I would guess their in-person classes would be better for a new adjuster.

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