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Expedited Claim Handling Billing Grace Period Procedures for California Wildfires

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Source: California DOI

From the Press Release;

Commissioner Jones issues emergency notice to help expedite claims in California fires

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones today issued a notice to insurers requesting they agree to expediting claims handling for Camp and Woolsey wildfire survivors in order to help them begin the recovery and rebuilding process more quickly.

With nearly 8,000 homes destroyed in both fires and up to 50,000 still at risk in the Woolsey Fire, thousands of residents face the long and painful task of recovery, which often includes trying to reconstruct destroyed or missing documents. 

In an effort to speed recovery, Commissioner Jones is asking insurers to agree to claims handling procedures to bring more timely payments to policyholders and provides greater flexibility with some deadlines and documentation typically required by insurers.

  • The notice addresses the following
    • Additional Living Expenses (ALE)
    • Personal Property (Contents)
    • Vehicle Claims
    • Billing 
    • Debris Removal 
    • Inventory Forms: Insurers should agree to accept home inventory software (or paper alternative) currently available to the public by IINC or the CDI (or other reasonable forms), without a requirement of using company-specific inventory forms. Insurers would not be required to waive their rights to seek additional information upon receipt of an inventory form from an insured.
    • Inventory Itemization: Insurers should agree to accept reduced itemization of contents in wildfire total losses. In some cases it is appropriate for inventories to allow grouping of categories of personal property, such as allowing a listing of "100 DVDs" instead of requiring a list of specific titles.

Please see the Notice for details.


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