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30 Comments for Thanks for the help...I got my first job

03/13/2007 3:43 PM

I feel what was an entertaining thread has turned into an outright onslaught against Meg's integrity. She is totally different than the picture painted by Vander 80. This lady has taken on a task that would totally bury this person who has attacked her. I speak from experience as a long time veteran in the adjusting industry and as the President/ CEO of iCat, Inc.
Sir, you do not know this person and your assumptions are totally out of order and it is kind of funny you would describe a storm manager in such a lowly manner. Hmm, she may be reviewing your files someday. By your comments I would think you are one of those ankle-bitters out there that feel if you ankle-bite another adjuster you might get a few more claims to do. An adjuster learns each and everyday and we should have a higher standard than the average person. To attack someone in our profession is a direct attack on yourself and it shows just how narrow minded an individual can become in this business when they are left alone to their own devices.
03/13/2007 4:27 PM

I agree with the sentiment of leaving the inflammatory and unjustified posts for all the world to see. I can only hope that those in a position to hire and fire will take note and take steps to ensure that I, for one, don't have to be on the same teams with the witless, condescending, and bigoted. Folks with such attitudes have no business administering customer service.

It takes but little effort to check the previous posts of others. Even a perfunctory search will reveal the women of this site to be of above-average intelligence and capability. Their good humor and sincerity should be lauded; nothing I've ever read of theirs justifies vituperation of any sort.

While I don't know Malvi, Janice, Catwoman, or Meg* personally, their posts have enhanced my CADO experience, and I'm willing to stand up and respond in defense of them and all others that treat CADO as a privilege, rather than as a bully pulpit. Shame on those who act like CADO is equivalent to an AOL chatroom.

*[Edited to be more inclusive]

03/13/2007 5:41 PM

Thank you, my friends.  I am humbled by the show of loyalty and indignation you felt at that unprovoked attack on my character. This is why I love CADO and those I consider my CADO Family!

03/13/2007 7:19 PM

I agree totally with all the support that has been given in the above post. I happen to know firsthand  the level of professionalism that Meg Watts brings to the table. I have witnessed her compassion for the insureds at the time of a loss. I have also seen her willingness to  help folks who are new and trying to break into this industry. All the while maintaining a high degree of humility and willingness to learn from other  adjusters working all lines.


I also agree totally with the comments by Mr. Parks with ICAT. It is refreshing to see a Vendor come forward and support an adjuster in this manner. I must say that knowing ICAT the support that was given does not surprise me. I n all of my dealings with Mr. Parks and ICAT support, honesty,and integrity are things that were very evident in their whole operation.


We all know all of the promises made by Vendors promising support and a teamwork type attitude. ICAT is one of those Vendors who actually backup what they say and that means a lot.  I am sure Meg as well as other adjusters enjoy seeing this kind of support given.


In a strange sort of way I am pleased this post has been allowed to continue. Of course I am disregarding the comments by these two rocket scientist   for what they are and that is a couple of squirrels just trying to get a nut. The part I am pleased about seeing is the rally and support given by all who have posted.


Now lets all get ready for hail season and the 07 fireworks show in the tropics.

03/13/2007 8:11 PM

Mark, I would like to thank you for the kind words concerning my company iCat and the position I took for Meg. I was not looking for a pat on the back, I was just doing what any good Independent Adjusting Firm should do and that is stand up for the people who make us what we are. There are so many company owners out there these days that think only about themselves. Just like we discussed when we talked the first time as I was starting this company, it was started for the group not for myself. I get so tired of companies bullying their adjusters and pushing them around without taking a moment to say; hey I appreciate your efforts. This is the reason I stepped up for Meg and the insult that was thrown at her. It was totally unjustified, sexist, and hateful and I dislike people who accuse others wrongfully.

By the way Mark, I appreciate your efforts!

03/14/2007 11:34 AM

In response to Vander 80:

Dear Sir,
As the wife of an adjuster, who is the pre-callin', paper-workin', PC peckin', policy readin', appt settin', software specialist of our team, I found your comment highly insulting to the women who work with their husbands in this industry. As a licensed adjuster myself, I can, climb a roof, read a tape, create a diagram, pin point the origin of damage and so on....and I know many women in this industry who do it everyday, ALONE. As a husband and wife team, WE chose to go with the traditional gender roles. If my husband and I are working together...you can bet your bottom dollar that I am not getting on the roof....That does not mean that many women who work with their husbands are not capable, AND my dear sir, the women who are NOT capable but DO work on the ground as a support member of a team DO serve a purpose. They give their hubby's more time to scope, therefore increasing their income potenial! You owe the women on this site an apology
03/14/2007 3:30 PM

Hey Catwoman!

(what an appropriate name for the turn this particular thread has taken!!) 

I agree with you totally! 

I decided not to address the crass and callous words of that Neanderthal who insulted at least half of the world's population because I knew that if I got into a "rock throwing match" with him I'd only sink to his level. 

But when others stepped up and refused to ignore his insulting and ignorant words, that although directed at me, took a shot at everyone, man and woman in the industry, it showed him that his sexist and crude remarks will not be tolerated.  Maybe he thought he was going to get a good laugh or get applauded by the "good ole boys", but this showed him that the mentality he is coming from isn't here, and that we respect each other here.   

I realize there are those out there who share his backward, ignorant and prejudice attitude but I have been blessed enough to only run into them rarely, and I find they are the exception rather than the rule, thank goodness!  In today's world its not only inappropriate to insult someone's ability because of their gender, but its a ridiculous notion to think that gender limits one's ability in any way.          (well except for a few things, childbirth being one notable exception! LOL)

Given the seriousness and complexity of the job we share, whether it be in the office, on the roof,  punching the keyboard or any other of the myriad of big and little details that comprise this especially complicated industry, I find I'm always heartened, encouraged, educated and enlightened by this group of adjusters I'm proud and honored to call my friends and colleagues.  I've found that I've been accepted and respected because of the contribution I make regardless of gender, hair color, eye color, what I had for lunch or any other irrelevant detail.  

We're all up for a good joke but when anyone takes a shot at the industry or one of us in particular, they take a shot at all of us, and I once again thank each one of you who saw fit to stand up and say NO! 


Tom Toll
03/15/2007 5:58 PM

Just got a call from some outfit that does home inspections in Arkansas and other states. they wanted me to work for them, taking photos of the homes, measurements and reports of condition, all for the fee of $12.00 each. He then said, of course we pay 20 cents a mile all over 30 miles. Finally a job that I can retire with in a few years. My gracious, what is this world coming to.
03/15/2007 7:15 PM

Hey thats almost as good as doing auto appraisels for PDA. After expenses I wound up getting about 1.50 per. Oh yea, and the supplements were on me.
03/15/2007 10:55 PM

I can't believe you didn't accept that job. You could probably average 10 of those per day. Likely you could get a decent motel room for say 60/day if you were not in a major metropolitan area. Another 20 for food. Ten assignments @ say 20 miles each ( in a non major metrololitan area) is only 200 miles on your vehicle which on average costs .48/mi (fed govt statistics) only equals $96. They probably only want 5- 6 photos each which I am sure you could manage for say 1.00 each. That would only cost you about $50/day. We'll ignore the costs of your insurance and other minor things like the computer you will probably need, telephone expenses, office supplies, missed appointments, rain days, sick days, and dogs sprayed by skunk days. The way I figure it you could earn 120/day, spend 226/day and have a ball. It would only cost you 106/day. If you really want to magnify your profits you could get Janice to do it too and then you could double up on the motel. This would cut your total daily loss to 132.00/day. The way I see it you and Janice could probably work a couple hundred years before you go broke.
Janice R. Martin-Toll
03/15/2007 11:43 PM


I'm not speaking for Tom, but I don't believe I have a couple hundred years left!  I think I'll pass on this money-losing opportunity.




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