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Last Post 10/07/2006 2:16 PM by  StormSupport
Chemical Fire in NC
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10/07/2006 2:16 PM
    Here's a link to an article posted regarding this fire in Apex, NC.


    Officials: Chemical fire in N.C. could burn into Sunday

    POSTED: 6:18 am EDT October 6, 2006
    UPDATED: 11:33 pm EDT October 6, 2006

    APEX, N.C. -- As a timely rain storm helped scrub the air, firefighters cautiously tackled a chemical fire Friday at a hazardous waste plant where a thundering series of explosions filled the overnight sky with fireballs and a spooky yellow haze.

    The fire could burn into Sunday, county officials said late Friday, and no evacuated residents will be allowed to return home until the blaze is extinguished.

    "It more than likely may go into late Saturday and possibly into Sunday," said Wake County spokeswoman Sharon Brown. "They are going to maintain the evacuation order and the state of emergency. We're just urging people to take all precautions and to stay out of the area."

    Firefighters and area hazmat teams worked closely with an outside contractor hired to help fight the complex blaze, Apex Fire Chief Mark Haraway said. Three significant fires remained burning Friday night, all under the collapsed building that had housed EQ Industrial Services.
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