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Last Post 02/25/2015 4:56 PM by  Marcus
Need help getting started as a CAT adjuster
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09/03/2013 5:30 AM
In addition to the invaluable resource that this forum provides for individuals of all levels of experience; there is a new, free website that can help shed some light on this subject.  If you are a new adjuster or would like to find more information about the adjusting industry, you can visit Insurance Adjuster Help.  This website is dedicated to offering free guidance and advice to adjusters (new and old) who desire to further their education and understanding about the profession.  You can find anything from CE credits to Estimating Ice/Water Shield in Xactimate.  It's a great place to start if you are considering a career in this industry.

07/02/2014 3:42 PM
The hardest part of becoming a sucessful as an Independent Adjuster is getting started. For example, many Independents are former Staff Adjusters that obtained their training from their respective insurance companies. But what if you never had that type of training?

There are a couple of things that one can do. First, you can obtain licensing online, or even in a classroom setting.. But not all states require licensing, around 25 states don't require it. For the states that require licensing, you need to know that 20-30 hours of continuing education classes are required every 2 years for you to keep your license. These can be taken online.

Now, after you obtain a license and brush up your resume, now what? Well, that's the hard part. Many independent adjusting firms won't use brand new adjusters right away. They typically have a small group of experience adjusters that they use all the time. But if you are a Property Adjuster (Residential and Commercial claims) and a large enough storm happens, you can be called up. Of course, when that happens, you will need to get ready for the roller coaster ride known as "CAT Adjusting."

It is a career that is not consistent or easy, but on a good year, you can make some pretty decent money.

More info regarding topics such as tools and training coming later..

We realize that "Time is Money". We are committed to helping Catastrophe Adjusters in the field be more organized, efficient and productive. We accomplish this by providing professional, personalized, impeccable service. Give us a call at +1 515-442-5246


We are committed to helping Catastrophe Adjusters in the field be more organized, efficient and productive. http://www.scheduleit.org/ Call today at 515-44 CLAIM

10/22/2014 1:31 PM
I am a brand new adjuster, in fact still waiting for my license. I am located in Southern California and looking for a local Adjuster to ride along with for training. Is anyone willing to allow me or know of anyone that I can tag along for training?

12/14/2014 7:06 PM

Heres how it works,  If a big hurricane hits, they will call you.  You will quit your day job thinking "this is IT man!".  If you do well and impress mgmt., they will  send you out as a ground guy for a hail event.  If you argue w/ mgmt. for whatever reason, it will be your ONLY deployment. 

My first was Wilma which of you remember was AFTER Katrina and Rita.   The requirements were..." can you fog this mirror?  Can you find Miami?  YOU'RE AN ADJUSTER!"  I got lucky, and got a mgr who would answer the phone at 10 pm and walk me thru xactimate.   I thought I had made it.  I was WRONG.  I didn't get called out again till Ike in 2008.   I impressed mgmt. at that storm and eventually got out on hail work. 

First off, LEARN ROOFING, work w. a roofing co if you have to.  

second, get a demo disc of xactimate..learn that back and forth.

3rd..GO SLOW!  schedule one..get it done..wait for it to be kicked back...fix errors...wait for second  kick back, fix those.  this work is stressful ...don't get buried. 

 as one guy said.." when you find yourself in a hole...QUIT DIGGIN!"

don't over schedule...you catch hell moving folks back.  schedule 2 rain/paper  days a week...you'll need to do laundry at some point.

do every claim the same way...outside, clockwise...or counterclockwise, inside top to bottom.  take more pictures that u think u need. always take pictures of the overview of interior rooms.  a bathroom ceiling looks just like a bedroom ceiling.  DOWNLOAD them before leaving and look at em! if they are good, dump em off the camera.  Hold up you manila folder w/ name and claim number to get it in your "risk" photo, in case you don't name the picture file right.

find out first off "what gets files kicked back"...you wont have time to redo the same claim 3- 4 times. 

its a rewarding job, you get to travel the country, meet a lot of good folks, see a lot of historical places.

It requires 13-14 hour days, 7 days a week, for as long as you can handle it.  Take a power nap when you cant spell CAT cuz your worn out.  see "digging ref above"

Good luck, work hard, study xactimate and do what your told.

I actually heard one guy say.." I cant teach these ins. mgrs. anything"  I told him.." I all I wanna teach em is how to spell my last name"

 if you need anything else, contact me, I'd be glad to help





02/25/2015 4:56 PM
The weather and "connections" will dictate much of your sucess as a CAT adjuster. Looking back, it is a good thing to consider when the following apply: You are single (or your companion can come with you), you need to pay off debt, your curent career/job is a dead-end career/job, and.... most importantly-you will make enough money to move on to something else and never look back.
Seem pesimistic but from my vantage point, the industry has declined (for the adjuster) significantly in the last 5 years.
I foresee this career path morphing into low paid customer service type positions.

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