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Roof Diagrams

CADOgrams - Ready Made Roof Diagrams

CADOgrams™ Ready Made Roof Diagrams, are computerize diagrams that are free for you to use.  There are at least two ways to use the diagrams.
1.Select a diagram from the list below and click on it. You will then see a page with the diagram. All you need to do it fill in the blanks and use the  browsers print function to print the form out. Follow this link for a sample. 

2. Go to the diagram form and right click on the photo and download it to your hard drive. You then can insert in a document and add your own text.

4 plan4sm.gif (2K)
13 Plan 12
  This has been tested with IE 5.0 and Netscape 4.51 and found to work with both.
  These diagrams are diagrams of actual roofs that I have inspected.

Roof Calculator Help

This is for a simple roof with a max of 4 slopes.  You can use it for one slope, two slopes, three slopes or 4 slopes.  All boxes need to have a value, so if you are doing a simple gable roof then be sure to leave the 0 in the other slopes.

To use just enter your measures and click calculate at the bottom of the form. We will soon add another form for more complicated roofs.

Roof Calculator - Beta

Gable 10%, Hip 15%, Gambrel 10%, Mansard 15%
Be sure to round this amount up to the next full bundle


1" = .08    2" = .17   3" = .25

4" = .33    5" = .42   6" = .50

7" = .58    8" = .67   9" =  .75

10" = .83   11" = .92  12" = 1.00

Waste Calculator

Enter the total squares
In the waste Factor
This is in squares,
This is the total, you need to round up to the nearest bundle.

On The Job Photos

Meth Lab Explosion and fire Tacoma WA - Jim Heiden
While on a assignment in Hialeah, Fl I handled a claim on this dwelling.  Notice the sign on the Tree, it a ad from a PA firm. The insured in this case did not hire the PA.
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