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 Eberls Conference - Paying to Go?
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Posted - 02/24/2004 :  14:22:19  Show Profile
OK Kile & Goose I now have your profile(s) both under 35 years, both have a four year degree, both had two or three jobs before the exotic work or roof inspections began. Both vote conservative and neither expect to be in this type work at age 50.

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Posted - 02/24/2004 :  15:01:45  Show Profile
LOL, a personal "attack" for being happy. I wish I was in my 30's. Sorry bud, I am already 50 and do not plan on being in this work when I am 60. I will be "retired" and even more financially set by then. I do not know what "exotic work" or "4 degrees" means. But if you mean that I am well educated, often vote conservative because of my military background, was self-employed as a contractor prior to becoming an adjuster several years ago and beieve in the rewards of hard work, then yeah, you have that part of my profile pegged. And I have noticed that this profile is shared by a large number of my peers, the ones that are happily employed and the ones that I gladly call my friends. Trader, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve one's lot in life. I just think that I am incredibly lucky to live in this country ( as I have seen life in many others), and while I love this work and realize no job is perfect, it is the best one I have had to date. If you want to see it as a bad deal, who am I to argue with you?
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Posted - 02/24/2004 :  20:45:57  Show Profile
Amazing! I certainly want to thank everyone who contributed to this forum. I have been away from the Net for the past 2 weeks. It's interesting how the topic of this forum has wandered a little.

I just returned from the Allcat conference; also was able to attend part of Glock's conference. Hopefully, either or both will call me for a CAT. (No, I'm not holding my breathe. I'm blue for other reasons.)

Several folks wrote about bad adjusters or inexperienced adjusters who cause problems for those who know what they're doing (I like to think I do.) My understanding is that if an adjuster is really, really bad, the carrier will tell the vendor not to deploy that adjuster again. At least the national carriers do. So the bad adjusters should die out fairly quickly (I wonder why they don't?).

I guess the bottom line is this: A couple of good size events and we'll all be working and HAPPY! Pray for wind/hail.
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Todd Summers

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Posted - 02/26/2004 :  11:04:07  Show Profile
John D, I respectfully submit that you are at least 5 - 10% off base, as Gerrad has explained. I can vouch that they only get 30-35% because I have worked several storms for them and this is a bargain, considering the quality of management/office/support they provide you while on an assignment. Their exclusive "EZ Claim" software truly saves you much time and money. The development of this program alone was surely very costly and they provide this at no charge to their adjusters.

I have also attended two of their conferences and found that, as Gerrad stated, you can get licenses, certifications such as State Farm, Farmers, NFIP and attend seminars such as Xactimate, California Earthquake Authority, Haig, Ethics and many others as well as obtain most if not all of your CE credits at one event for a measly $325.00. Not to mention the networking opportunities and meeting fellow adjusters who will be on assignment with you.

Gerrad, it's really good to see you posting here. Keep up the good work and keep it coming our way. Unless I'm on assignment by then, I'll see you there with bell's and whistle's on!


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Posted - 02/26/2004 :  15:08:23  Show Profile
Well, Trader, you're right on all counts. I don't plan on being in this business when I'm 50, but that's 18 years away. By then I will have been in this business for 23 years. The military and the post office only require 20 years for retirement. I would say that would be a long succesful career. I don't however, understand why my political leaning has to do with this thread. But for the record it leans more towards the libertarian than true conservative. It just so happens that my fiscal conservatism and hawkish outlook overpower my social liberalism so I have to side with the elephants for now.

But to get back on topic, I just don't see why anyone has a problem paying to go to a conference. I just look at them as an investment in myself. I love to network and it's one of the few places where you can mingle with your fellow adjusters without having to hurry and get back to the room so you can close your files and get some rest for the early day you have tomorrow. I even look forward to the NFIP claims presentations for the same reason. Believe it or not, I am a somewhat social animal. If you don't wish to pay, then just don't go.
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Tom Toll

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Posted - 02/27/2004 :  18:49:15  Show Profile
Visibility in this business is very important. If one can afford it, pick out a good vendor or PLRB conference, seminar to go to at least once per year. You will meet other adjusers so you can network and company officials that love to see a face with the name. There is no way to lose money by attending. Be sure and read the outline of the meeting to see what is being offered and if you are interested in that offering. I have done this for many years and it has paid off royally.[:o)]
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