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Posted - 10/26/2003 :  19:31:33  Show Profile
I have been reading the messages on the Forum of New Guys and Gals. I have worked closely for adjusters and worked Cat Support for three years. I have decided to broaden my career into adjusting. I assumed I may just be quite good at it as I have been on both sides. I worked my behind off to never let any of you feel alone on any issue. I guess I feel bothered that now that I may need help to do this correctly and do not have that "I know it all attitude", help is not there. We all have to start somewhere and you all have been rookies at some point in your career. I was going to put an ad out for someone who is willing to teach me more so that I can be the best at my job, but reading these messages...I am probably wasting my time. I never thought that being new was least being new and needing some help to learn to do this job some justice. And you all wonder why rookies come out and make mistakes, there are so many unhelping hands and close minded attitudes, we would be left with nothing but to figure it out on our own. If one of us "rookies" ends up on your team somewhere and your door is closed to us, do not be upset if we blunder. This business is complex and as you all know, cannot be learned from a four day class.


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Posted - 10/26/2003 :  20:18:00  Show Profile
Hey, Mainegirl. I'm a neighbor of yours, just right up the road in Baton Rouge. I've done lots of flood work in your neck of the woods. I wish you luck in your journey into the claims adjusting world. Let me try to address some of the issues you have brought up.

First of all, like it or not, there are more people who want to be adjusters than there are jobs to go around. Occasionally that ratio changes, like during a hurricane. But in a normal month there are more cat adjusters waiting by the phone than there are actually working claims. Therefore, there is some competition for the limited number of asignments to go around and nobody wants to add to the competition so this may be why so many are reluctant to add to the gene pool. If you think it is difficult breaking into cat adjusting, you should try becoming a real estate apraiser or a river pilot, but that's a different story.

I know many people here tend to sound like know-it-alls, but what many interpret as know-it-allism is actually confidence. Much like being a surgeon or an airline pilot or a car salesman, confidence is an essential tool in the adjuster's kit. You have to get people to trust you and believe that you know what you're doing and if you sound wishy-washy they won't be very comfortable with your assesment of the situation.

I have never had a problem with answering questions from other adjusters on a storm, I have asked plenty myself. But you have to remember that most of us independant adjusters are truly independant people and we do things our own way and to our own rhythm and having a newby monopolize the time you have set aside for mental maintenance (relaxation, adult beverages and the like) it can get a little old. So, if you feel you would like some on the job training, see if you can find someone to take you on a ride-along for a storm. Maybe you can learn the trade and make a few bucks. Good luck in finding someone, not many are willing (myself included) because we have enough problems staying on top of our own knowledge much less imparting it to others. It isn't that we aren't good people, it's more along the lines of "Those who can do, those who can't tell us we're doing it wrong".

I think once you gain entrance into the clubhouse you will find that we are an onery, cantankerous bunch of folk, with big hearts (that we all wear on our sleaves.) Again, good luck.

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Posted - 10/26/2003 :  22:20:20  Show Profile
Just my thoughts here. If you're wanting to get some experience in property claims, and given your previous support role experience, you might try working for a carrier and an indepedent shop in your area. In that environment, you'll have plenty of mentors. A insurance carrier might even send you to property school. Learning the property ropes doing just cats is real tough thing to do, given that the cat adjuster has to produce a high rate of volumn to stay in the game. Also, many experience property adjusters are leaving the business because of the increasing downturn of profit for the indepedent cat adjuster. Well, good luck whatever you decide to do.
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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  20:48:55  Show Profile
Good luck mainegirl. I have been trying to break into the world of independent CAT adjusting for the past 6 months. Let me rephrase that; I have been ready for work for 6 months. As with anything, it will take time, luck, or a big storm like Kile described. Unfortunately for the future adjusters, that I have met at license classes, certification classes, and property classes; Most people leave these classes with the impression they are in big demand.
Geuss there might be a little money in selling classes....
Its just a supply and demand thing Mainegirl, If you have the equipment,limited training,documentation, and the right storm; your a CAT adjuster. Thats how my friends broke into this industry. Look forward to seeing you at a future storm.

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Posted - 03/14/2004 :  21:46:46  Show Profile
Mainegirl.. your background is a major plus, over the '4-day training class' afore mentioned. On a storm you will find real people, and have answers to questions from the 'newbies' who do not have the benefit of your experience in insurance. I have only encountered negative responses from those who have felt threatened.
Patience, and when given the opportunity apply yourself. It always pays off.
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Posted - 03/15/2004 :  02:28:43  Show Profile
Mainegirl...You say that you feel bothered that help is not there. What help are you asking for? Dano009 gives some profound advice, beginning a career as a property adjuster would be ten times easier (and probably equally more financially rewarding) if one begins as an adjuster trainee with an insurer or an independent adjusting co. handling regular everyday claims. About 90% of the adjusters I know would help you in any way they could. The problem is that a lot of beginners somehow expect experienced people to magically "teach" them how to do this job. This job cannot be taught by mere mortals, it must be learned. It can only be learned through experience. Experience is the only teacher. All that aside, let me (or most other adjusters) know what help you may desire. I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised at the response you will get.
As an aside, the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do in over 30 years as an adjuster, has been to try to "teach" someone how to become an adjuster. That is why I say it can't be taught. At the same time, if someone really wants to learn this business, 90% of the people in this business will help them learn it.

Larry Wright
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Posted - 03/15/2004 :  08:12:32  Show Profile
mainegirl-this is a good site to read, but not good for what you are seeking.You will find allthe old roosters here.
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Posted - 03/17/2004 :  18:48:04  Show Profile

HELP . and LOVE is what WE ...doooo..

If you get in a storm, they will be lotssss of HELP

paul brosch
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Posted - 03/19/2004 :  12:25:53  Show Profile
Do not work for a vendor who will not give you $1,000. advance.
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Posted - 03/19/2004 :  18:49:05  Show Profile
Why would any adjuster spend $5,000.00 up front to work for some vendor and have a hard time collecting all the $$$. Work for some one who will pay you, not cheat you.

If you can not do the work in a manner to get all your money... You don't belong. Quit give up.
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