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Author Message
John Durham (Johnd)
Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2000 - 9:06 am:   

Thanks for taking the time to reduce your experiences to words for the rest of us to enjoy. Very interesting, my wife also said to tell you she loved your article. More please....
R.D. Hood (Dave)
Posted on Monday, May 08, 2000 - 11:23 pm:   

GREAT ARTICLE, thanks so much Randi.

It is true, as you say, there are a very few female adjusters in the catastrophe adjusters role.

The "life" as we know it is not for everyone, but the attitude,willingness and approach to preforming the assignment, to the best of ones ability, is one of the most admirable traits in a "Cat Adjuster". Based on your very well presented article, you fall into the elite group of "professionals" that we all aspire to be associated with.

Please continue in this "first" on CADO and perhaps more may follow.
Steve Ebner
Posted on Monday, May 08, 2000 - 9:33 pm:   

I just finished reading Randi's article. Bravo!!!! Very literate and entertaining.
Jim Flynt (Jim)
Posted on Monday, May 08, 2000 - 7:54 pm:   

Randi Meyer has written an excellent article entitled "Not Just Another Pretty Face, Field Experiences Of A Female Catastrophe Adjuster" which is now available on the CADO site for your perusal. Randi has an excellent perspective and makes some excellent points worth remembering.

We WELCOME Randi as one of our editorial contributors, and hope she will grace us with her presence and wisdom on a regular basis.

Congratulations Randi on a GREAT JOB and WELCOME ABOARD!

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