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Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 - 9:34 am:   

Billie Powers and Associates sponsored a great seminar with David Hisey and Tower Hill. It was a superior seminar; brief, to the point, informative. Tower Hill looks like a great program.

I would recommend Billie Powers and Associates to any good adjuster looking to work for a real good company.
Tom Joyce (Tomj)
Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2000 - 12:04 pm:   

Worked for Tower Hill last fall with IMS Catastrophe Services out of Bradenton, FL. I had not worked for either firm before, but found it to be an good experience. I would recommend IMS to any experienced adjuster. I attended the seminar in Dallas with BD Powers and found Dave to be very adjuster oriented and that he would support the right call.
Also, I have been providing my e-mail on my business cards and on initial contact for some time. In addition to exchanging contacts, lists, estimates, I have often received photos of the damages as they appeared after the catastrophe before I left on assignment. Provided information for the company that would otherwise not be available for a couple of days.
Jim Flynt (Jim)
Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2000 - 9:28 am:   

Carolina Claims Service held an excellent seminar yesterday in Columbia, SC which included a morning presentation with Dave Hisey, Catastrophe Director of Tower Hill Insurance Group. My personal Thanks to David String and Chuck Burkett for the invitation, I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world.

I want to share the following observations:

Carolina Claims Services is going to be one of the premier adjusting vendors in the US within the next couple of years. I have been hearing lots of good things about them from friends for the past year now. If you are not registered with them, you may send your resume to or call them toll free at 1-800-233-3067.

Tower Hill Insurance Group is a formidable carrier in Florida and the Southeastern United States now. Watch for them in all lower 48 states within 2 years with over $1 Billion in written premiums. Dave Hisey, the THIG Catastrophe Director is a former field adjuster who has not forgotten what it is like to be "in the trenches." Hence, Tower Hill is not a paperwork intensive carrier to work with, and their file handling requirements are among the most reasonable I have seen anywhere.

CADO Sponsors and readers were attendance in large numbers. John Durham, Russell Doe, Alan Jackson, John Smoak, Steve Sharpe, Ron Knott, Brook & Bill Lyon, Ken Weber and so many others I cannot remember them all. My apologies to those who's names I have not listed. It was almost like a mini-CADO convention.

From talking with so many adjusters yesterday, I realized that almost everyone in the cat business is a regular CADO visitor and famliar with us, although there are so many who never post and we don't hear about. We welcome your input and would like for you to share your thoughts here on CADO as well.

Seminars and education classes are not only great places to learn, but also to network. I learned a lot about what is going on around the country by having dinner with Alan Jackson, Steve Sharpe, Jonathan Sharpe, Ron Knott and a couple of others who's names escape me and lunch with John Durham and Ken Weber.

There are many changes occurring this hurricane season and we need to be "sharpening our saw" while not out on a storm right now. The way to do that is with seminars, reading, classes, courses and training.

I will be sending Roy a "Meditations" article momentarily for posting here on CADO which will discuss some of the trends we are seeing, as well as some helpful hints for the upcoming hurricane season.

I look forward to seeing many of you, as will Roy, in Dallas at the Crawford seminar on June 6-9, 2000. Let's have another mini-CADO convention there too!
Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2000 - 9:12 pm:   

As we are packing for Ft. Worth, remember the cheapo fee schedules. Word has it that the one previously mentioned is at least 3 years old. Strange how the schedule has not improved, but OPEC has increased the price of gas. The auto makers have increased the cost of vehicles, and hotel rates are higher too. Not to mention the fact that the amount of equipment we need now is much more than it was a few years ago.

These people will be calling you, soon. Keep your head on straight, don't run out the door with the first vendor that calls, and most of all

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