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Red (Red)
Posted on Saturday, August 19, 2000 - 3:37 pm:   

I don't know that "get a life" means necessarily "get out of the business". I think the problem is that they need to use their time, energy, and total being to becoming better at whatever their job is, whether it be an adjuster or just whatever. They need to get better educated in the field of their endeaver, know what they are doing, (not just think they know what they are doing. ) Don't misunderstand, for some women out there, they do need to be out of the business. But again there's a lot of men out there that shouldn't be in the business either.
I also think that lots of women use the "its too tough out there" as a cop-out. I definitely agree with you on the fact that its tough out there for women to be taken seriously but I think when the companies see our work and the quality
of the work that we do, and see that we do know what we are doing, we don't have to brag about how good we are or sing our own worth it is evident for all to see and those companies will want us back. If they don't want us back, that should tell us theres something wrong and perhaps we should do a self-examination of our efforts and perhaps we need some more education in a particular area. There again that goes for both male and female and shouldn't necessarily be a gender thing.
Murphy (Murphy)
Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2000 - 4:50 pm:   

Red; don't you mean "get out of the business" to the women out there, when you say "get a life"?
Quite obviously, if they want to survive in this business, they'd better grow another layer of skin and keep in mind the real definition of "within reason" as I referred to in my last post. If they cannot do that, then they should trade out careers.
Keep in mind, Red, "grow another layer of skin" means to toughen up; its a real jungle out there. For all of us; male or female. It covers alot of ground......
Red (Red)
Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2000 - 2:03 am:   

I have not gotten into this subject til now because this is a real sore spot with me. I don't think as Murphy does that women should grow another layer of skin, I think they should get a life. I would be willing to bet that better than 80% of he sexual harrassment charges filed are brought because the woman or man has gotten mad at the boss about something and therefore "they are going to pay". Unfortunately, that has hurt women in fields that were typically jobs that men held.
I have always felt that when I am on a job site, I am just ANOTHER ADJUSTER. I am not woman or man. I do not expect, nor do I want to be treated any different than anyone else. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable or feel that they have to be different because I am sitting there.
SORRY guys that some of the women out there have made it such a problem that you can't even look at them without someone crying wolf. Just to let you know there are some of us out here that would like to ring the necks of the ones that have caused so many problems. You are #1 in my book!!!!
Murphy (Murphy)
Posted on Wednesday, August 09, 2000 - 8:39 pm:'re funny.........:)
Dkreifeldt (Dkreifeldt)
Posted on Tuesday, August 08, 2000 - 2:20 pm:   

it might help if, when you enter a state farm office you simply look at the ceiling when adressing anyone. it should drive them nuts.
dave kreifeldt
williamsport, pa

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