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 Electronic Claims Outsourcing, will we be toast?
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Posted - 12/15/2003 :  19:02:47  Show Profile
Now Now Ghost.

Ghost, let's not kill the messenger because we don't like the message. While we may not like the message, the truth of the matter is that John is telling it like it is and we should not ignore his wise clairvoyance but rather heed and adapt.

Ghost it may be time for you to reread Dickens and discern whether Ebeneezer was indeed the first carrier bean counter.

And while you're at it Ghost, throw a log on the fire and have another warm mug of Tom's delicious prune juice and another slice of Sentry's gratuitous fruitcake.

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Posted - 12/15/2003 :  21:19:50  Show Profile
This response is by (Whitey) David Bennett, who happens to be visting John Postava. Well now, some realistic discussion is provided and someone gets a little snippy. The truth of the matter is that what John states is the real thought process behind those company personnel who watch expenses and not necassarily loss payments. Companies have worked with telephone adjusting units since the 70's and in fact the units became larger than some claim offices. The benefit was thought to be a lower expense factor as the unit only required converted claim clerical or new hires with minimal training.

It took the industry about 8 or so years to realize that customer service was not really enhanced but restricted, that expenses actually were higher (due to reopens and the subsequent need for inspections, which generally generated higher IA fees as a mess was being cleaned up) and the average claim payment for the lines being handled had jumped significantly. Today, the same cycle has popped up again and in fact one major carrier has recently shut down its fast track unit (handling claims to $10,000) due to customer service issues and increased claim payments.

What was stated by John, was the simple truth of what is being done today and that we all recognize that carriers will routinely go through the cycle, reinvent the wheel and attempt to find a way to deal with the smaller, uncomplicated losses.

As an Independant Adjuster (Self employed) and an occasional Cat adjuster, I don't have a problem obtaining business and am generally buisier than I want (not gloating or bragging). The reason is the product provided and the experience offered. I have been in the business for 26+ years and have seen the cycles come and go. A good IA or cat adjuster will always be needed, until the industry begins proper training and expansion of their claims personnel. Problem is, this expansion and training is considered to expensive for most carriers. So they try fast track units, until a change occurrs and the new leadership points out that the fast track is costing in service and claim payments. Its all perception on the numbers and how they are presented.

David Bennett (Whitey)
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Posted - 12/16/2003 :  10:48:02  Show Profile
We all want to be successful and make money. If you dont embrace technology and try to keep current, you will be left behind.There are many ways to adjust claims, make sure learn all of them. Dont limit yourself!!
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Posted - 12/16/2003 :  18:33:08  Show Profile
When our roof x-ray from a satellite comes on line, roof climbing will be reduced to shingle applicators only. Several investors and I will handle all the roof claims in the USA. The Underwriters will save 40% on fee bills with unexcelled service ... complete adjustments within 48 hours of the event.
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Posted - 12/16/2003 :  20:52:52  Show Profile
Just curious, what type of beams, rays or radiation will you bombard my house with (and me!). Are you related to the imfamous dynostorm that claims it will stop hurricanes?
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Posted - 12/18/2003 :  09:41:45  Show Profile
If the roof x-ray satellite were calibrated to be harmonous with the flow of light particles that penetrate the ozone layer, the roof could be inspected and the claim paid at least 54 hours in advance of the claims event.


Ain't it great??

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Posted - 12/18/2003 :  20:00:37  Show Profile
I do think technology will be the death of us all, at least on certain days :)
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Posted - 01/07/2004 :  16:09:28  Show Profile
I'm not to sure about the comments from John on overpayments and sending a check directly into the insd Bank account. There are still Ins Departments and rules about claim overpayment as well as underpayment. and yes the insd/Calimant still MUST sign the checks. I'm speaking from 17 plus years on the insurance side.
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