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Jim Flynt (Jim)
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000 - 5:55 pm:   

I received the following email today which I received permission to post from the writer for any responses from adjusters with background and experience in boiler & machinery claims. I will post my own response here later after I have had a chance to do a little research.

I found your email address on the CADO website. I work for a law firm in Cleveland, Ohio and I am researching adjuster protocol for steam boiler leaks/explosions.

I would like to develop a list of steps an adjuster would be advised to take when at the scene of bioler lakes/explosions in order to effectively document the damage.

I am aware that experts are almost always used in boiler cases and are responsible for collecting and analyzing the evidence. I am concerned with what the adjusters do before the experts get there.

I have contacted Hartford Steam Boiler and I have done a considerable amount of research on the internet and at the Cleveland Public Library. However, I have not been successful in finding any information that could be considered adjuster "protocol" for steam boiler explosions/leaks.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


George Cimballa


Note to George: By coming to the CADO site, you have come to the right place to get the right answers. We have lots of well experienced property adjusters out there who I am sure will be happy to share their thoughts here with you and with us.

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