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Posted on Sunday, April 02, 2000 - 1:20 am:   

Harold J. Geoffrey - Here is an E-mail address to a company in Houston that imports Italian Natural Stone Granite. You should be able to find out what you have and what could be causing you problem on this claim.
You can also type in the word : Granite on the internet search and get all sorts of info for places that handle granite and marble.
Posted on Saturday, April 01, 2000 - 4:33 pm:   

Sometimes with flooring such as garnite, the discoloration comes from the substrate which it is laid over (ie. slab) If the slab doesn't have a vapor barier then it is possible that the stain is seeping up from the unpolished or more porus side.
Harold J. Geoffrey (Stormadjuster)
Posted on Friday, March 31, 2000 - 11:06 pm:   

It is definitly granite, imported from Italy. The stains are near a doorway. Each tile is 3' x 6' I would like to speak to any known tile experts who deal with granite. I too have some difficulty in understanding how granite could stain from water. Perhaps there is a certain amount of iron oxide as the previous post indicated. This would account for the yellow discoloration. In any event the stains are there and as Russ indicated I need to go slowly perhaps retain a expert.
Tom Joyce (Tomj)
Posted on Friday, March 31, 2000 - 6:43 pm:   

Sounds like the finish or stain from trim work/doors or furniture is involved
Linda Asberry (Linda)
Posted on Friday, March 31, 2000 - 3:17 pm:   

Granite or marble? Marble comes in all colors and will indeed stain, particularily if the water is absorbed on the unpolished surfaces. It can cleaned and repolished. There are now many new homes here in the Texas Hill Country that do have marble and granite floors. Marble Falls and the Lake LBJ area have quarried marble and granite for decades. You might want to check with a high end kitchen and floor designer in the area. They can help with stains, etc. I wouldn't test it myself. Marble is much more porous than granite.
Posted on Friday, March 31, 2000 - 8:47 am:   

Does the stain look yellowish-brown in color? If it does, you have something that has iron oxide in it and that will not be Granite. Iron oxide will discolor from water getting on it. A very mild solution of muriatic acid will give you your answer by removeing it. You might try a small stop to see if it is iron oxide. Just a little on a cloth with fresh water handy will do the job.
Chuck Deaton
Posted on Friday, March 31, 2000 - 7:54 am:   

Granite as a residential flooring material is unusual, but granite as a commercial building material is not. Granite is commonly used for tombstones.

One place granite is quarried is in the Bloomington, IN area.

I would think that it is highly unlikely that the cause of the stains at the doorway is sudden and accidental.

Polished tombstones stand for decades without staining and granite is commonly used as an exterior and interior commercial building material.
Russ Lott (Russ)
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2000 - 11:15 pm:   

Careful, be sure you have coverage, ie. design installation defect or latent defect?, or surface water? Go slow on this one. Something doesn't click with the damage. Granite Can be polished but it is expensive.
R.D. Hood (Dave)
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2000 - 9:20 pm:   

Is in fact Granite? There are other similar surfaces , such as terrazzo that can be thought to be granite. Is there any dividing lines in the floor, such as a slim metal bead, level with the surface of the floor?

Best to determine what you are dealing with before attempting to repair/replace.

Granite, terrazzo and other stone surfaces can normally be re-ground to a highly polished surface. They also rarely stain. Water certainly would be hard pressed to stain granite, as the exteriors of many buildings are faced with granite panels.

Suggest you engage an expert to determine what you dealing with, FIRST.
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2000 - 7:31 pm:   

if muriatic won't get it, & you can't find a mason or flooring company locally to help you, you might call an undertaker- find out where he gets his tombstones & call those folks. expect they may have a cutter/polisher/craftsman that can advise you.
Harold J. Geoffrey (Stormadjuster)
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2000 - 6:51 pm:   

Hey gang, I just inspected a residence with granite floors. Appears to have stains at the doorway caused by water. I believe these can be repaired and repolished. Has anyone had any losses similar to this? Does anyone one know any Granite suppliers.

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